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Start Watermarking your Photos Now!

When I first started posting photos of Little T on my blog, I agreed with my husband to only post pictures of her from afar, never up-close.  As she grew older though, I wanted to share more and more photos of her, ignoring that little voice in my head warning me to take heed especially since I’ve heard horror stories of people copying photos of other children and then posting it on their social-media accounts, claiming your kid as their own.  It’s a scary world, isn’t it?

But then, the naive-foolish part of me would think “Surely, not all people are evil right?” Then I came across this article of a woman explaining why it’s important to Watermark photos of your children when posting online, especially on Instagram and it scared the living daylights out of me.

Apparently there are loads of nutters and evil-minded people in the world, the kind who would think of a sick game called “Baby Role play” on Instagram.

What is it Baby Role Play?

Instagram users grab photos of innocent children and pretend that they are their kids.  Sometimes the make up profiles of children and “pretend” to be kids, or the little ones are put up for “adoption”.  They make-up story-lines and likes and dislikes of their “pretend” child and invite everyone to “play”. It’s all role-play and done online and some of them get really creepy and even sexual.  It’s what every parents nightmare is made of.

Before you panic and decide to delete your Instagram account or at least delete all photos of your little ones.  Believe me, I did think of that too, but if you’re a parent blogger like me, that might be a bit of a problem.  You might instead start to (if you haven’t started yet) Watermark, watermark and watermark all your photos of your little ones.

Don’t put your text on the side of your photo where it’s easy to crop off.  Make sure you position your watermark where it would be difficult to crop-off without ruining the photo.

You could set your all your social media profiles to private, but again for some bloggers who rely on numbers of followers on their accounts, this may not work for you.  Watermarking your photos can help deter screen grabs from other people and this can easily be done with any of the photo editors on your laptop, phone or iPad.  If not, you can always use PicMonkey or other waternarking tools online (there are loads of them!) or download Phonto on your phone/Ipad as mentioned in the article – I did!

From now, even if it takes time, I’m going to watermark all of T’s photos!  I don’t have much problems with people who save or screen grab photos I’ve taken of Doc or the headland and other “nature shots”, as long as they credit me.  But when it comes to my daughter, be warned, if you do, I will hunt you down!

Have you heard of other horror stories about people stealing photographs of their children and claiming them as their own?

Do share.