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Canesten Campaign Winner

We’ve picked our winner for the Intimate Conversations with Canesten.  I love what Jenny wrote:

My parents gave me a book about boys and girls/men and women and puberty when I was smaller.  I think I read more about the book instead of sitting and talking with my mum.  I wish when I was younger I had asked more about  the changes my body was going through, although my mum tried her best I think sometimes after the “talk” has been and gone, parents can forget to “check-in” with their kids… I think the “talk needs to be “talks” spread out over months, even years… not everything can be covered in one talk, and the importance of communication is key

She is so right.  It shouldn’t just be one talk, one sitting-down-moment with T.  It should be a series of talks over the years.  I hope I remember this.  Thank you Jenny!

We have a Debenhams Winner!

As I’ve used my husband’s old school photo to introduce the Debenhams Back-to-school competition, I felt it was only fair that he gets to choose the winner… And he chose (drum roll please) …

Sandy Clarke of the blog Sandy Dreams!

When asked why, he said:

Probably it was the evocative memory, not just of the type of uniform that I wore but also of my friends.  I also liked the juxtaposition of the dad with Ben, his son.

There you go, do check out her post.

Congratulations Sandy!

You’ve just won £100 worth of back-to-school items from Debenhams.  Plus a £50 voucher!  Happy Shopping!

As for the others who joined, you still have a chance to be included in the top ten and win a £50 Debenhams voucher.  I’m crossing my fingers that all of you get in.

Thank you so much for supporting my first ever competition.  And thanks to Debenhams for choosing me to host this competition along with The Ramblings of a formerly Rock n Roll Mum and Yellow Days.

Have you won a competition before?

I haven’t!

Perhaps its time for me to start joining in!

Know of any?