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Little T's Christmas Wish-List: Our Debenhams Christmas Blogger Competition Entry

It’s the second to the last month of the year and that means Christmas is definitely just around the corner, making its presence felt every single blaming day.  Don’t mean to sound like such a Scrooge, I do love Christmas and if I had my way, I’d bring down all our Christmas decorations from the attic on the very first day of November,but somehow due to some recent disappointments, I’m not feeling very festive nowadays, even though it is already November.  Hopefully by December, I’d be feeling all Chrimassy again.

Of course, it’s different with my little one who has been talking endlessly about what kind of presents she wants to receive this year.  She’s been dying to do her Christmas Wish List, but this year, I’ve decided to do it this way, you’ll never know Father Christmas might just be reading blogs this year and luck may finally shine on me just this one time.

Little T’s Letter to Santa and Christmas Wish List:

1.  Disney Radio controlled Inflatable Baymax with sounds. 2.  Disney Frozen Karaoke Microphone. 3.  Mookie Swooshie10 Colour Dough & Roller 4.  Barbie Convertible Car 5.  AquaBot 6.  Robotic Kitty 7.  Monster High Walkie Talkie 8. V-Tech Kiddie Active Secret Safe Diary 9.  Despicable Me Agnes costume 10.  Anna Frozen Costume 11. Despicable Me Girl costume 12.  Rapunzel dress-up costume (Would love Rapunzel’s wig too, but mum can’t seem to find it.)


This is our entry to Debenhams Christmas Blogger Competition all toys chosen above can be found in their lovely toy collection. Do have a look or better yet, you can join too!

Has your little one written their letter to Father Christmas/Santa yet?

Do YOU have a wish-list for Christmas too?