A Day at the Beach

After I wrote my last entry (see previous post), we decided that the weather was just too perfect to waste by staying at home.  So as soon as our daughter woke up from her afternoon nap, my husband and I packed our portable barbecue, our beach tent, buckets and spades, drinks and jumped in our car and drove to the beach.

The best thing about living in Cornwall, is that chances are you’re just about ten minutes away from the beach by car.  And if you’re really lucky, the beach is just by your door-step.  We are not that lucky. The nearest beach to where we live is about a ten minute drive (or maybe less).  So if the weather suddenly changes, and the husband is home and I don’t have any urgent deadlines, we head off to the beach!

That’s exactly what we did.  The weather was glorious!  My daughter had fun playing in the sand and looking through rock-pools with her Dada, trying to catch little fish and crabs.  The sea water wasn’t even THAT cold.  I’m from a tropical country and never really go near the sea unless I’m wearing my wellies. The water is just too cold for me.  However this time, I managed to stay with my daughter as she gleefully welcomed the waves.  I’d scoop her up as soon as the waves came and she loved it!  It was such a lovely day indeed.

So if you’re visiting North Cornwall and want to laze in the sun, maybe even catch a wave (there are regular surfers in this area) come and visit Crackington Haven – it’s a small little village nestled between Boscastle and Bude.  There is a pub, two coffee shops/ice-cream shops where you can also buy beach stuff like buckets and spades.  The other shop even sells wet-suits and other souvenir gifts you can take home with you.

Next time you’re in Cornwall, if you want to avoid the touristy beaches like Padstow or Newquay, Crackington is a good alternative. Although “it” being Cornwall, even Crackington Haven can get really busy during the summer.

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