A Walk in February with Doc

Doc says:

Come and walk with me.

I’ll show you where we go.

But first, you will have to wear your wellies.

Yes, it is very muddy.

Told you so.

Now we go through that gate

and as soon as we’re in, you can take me off my leash.

Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you.

I must have a little play with my stick first.

Do and have a look around, enjoy the view.

Where are we going?

Through there, yes I know there’s a gate.

But that’s not for us, they’re for the cows.

Oh don’t worry,

the cows aren’t here.

They are way up in the headland.

Just wait and see.

Now c’mon, I’m sure you’ll fit through the side of the gate.

You’re slimmer than my human’s mum, you’ll fit.  

But shhh, please don’t tell her I told you that.


The view down there is so worth the squeeze!

See, I told you so!

We can even move closer ….

See those waves crashing into the rocks?

Don’t they just look magnificent?

C’mon, closer now …

Lovely, aren’t they?

Now enough of that, let’s move along!

It’s not that high, don’t you worry.

Move along!

I see you’re like T’s human, always stoping to take a photo.

Oh alright then.

Why do you have stop to take a photo of those flowers?

It’s called gorse, in case you don’t know.

C’mon, the view is way better up there!

Once again, I told you so!

Let’s move along, and see if the cows are up in the headland.

What’s wrong?  

Why have you stopped?

Oh the lock is jammed?

Just jiggle it like my human’s mum does, it usually works.


Climb over then!

My human’s mum does it all the time!

C’mon the view is lovely up here too.

I always deliver, don’t I?

Yes, it’s beautiful up here isn’t it?

And that’s my little human’s favourite bench.

She likes to come up here and sit there while I forage around 

and her mum takes photos.

Speaking of my human, 

it’s time to go!

She’ll be done with school by now now, it’s past three!

Why are you stopping?

I must be home before she arrives, or else she’ll wonder where I am!

Okay, I’m off.

See you around!

Thanks for coming along with me.

You won’t get lost …

As son as you see the church tower,

turn right and go through the gate,

across the field,

and you’ll be back from where we started.

See yah, bye!


Doc says thank you for coming along with him on his walk.  Those photos were taken last week when we had a brief interlude of lovely blue skies, before we were engulfed in grey, the rain and gales.  Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday.

What’s the weather like in your end of the world or the UK?


  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    You have the most beautiful stretch of coast to walk long, I need to join you and Doc one day! #AnimalTales

    • Yes, you’ll love it! But then again, it’s beautiful everywhere in Cornwall, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    Such a beautiful walk! Just love how green it is – which explains all that mud, too!

    • Yes, all that mud! Just got back from our walk this afternoon and my boots were caked in mud again 🙂 x

    • Oh Scott, if only it looked like this every day! The reality though is that, most times, it is covered in mist, grey and rain 😉 But when there are good days like this one, it is really beautiful in this corner of England 🙂

  3. The Reading Residence

    So lovely to go on your walk with you. Absolutely beautiful views and scenery x

  4. Shaz Goodwin (@shazjera)

    Thank you for that Dean. I’m a visual person and love the way you’ve done this 🙂 I didn’t even have to leave my chair hahaha


  5. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    What a great walk and views. Doc, did you know that it is said trhat it is the kissing season whenever the gorse is in season … which is about 12 months of the year LOL
    Thanks for adding your walk to #AnimalTales

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