Let me share some photos with you of our neighbourhood

Can you see the teenagers swimming off into the ocean in the photo above?  Isn’t it lovely to live in a place where you can just jump off into the water after school or work and be one with the ocean?

I have to keep reminding myself this every time I miss the chaos and the bustling life of the city.  I have to tell myself that this is the best place to bring up a little girl and already she is making lovely memories of going down into the harbour during low tide, stripping off to just her top and knickers and playing in the sand, among fishing boats with her best-friend, waking up to the sound of seagulls and birds singing.  A place where there is absolutely zero crime-rate and everyone greets you with a smile or small talk about the weather.

But a big part of me will always yearn for the city.  The noise, the craziness, the anonymity of walking and getting lost in a crowd without meeting a single familiar face.  In the city there is always something going on, there is always something to see or do.  Jump on the subway, the metro, the mrt (depends on where you are), meet friends for coffee, people watch, mooch in endless shops and bookshops without having to spend hours just travelling to get there.  I miss that.

Then again, I’m a mother now.  It shouldn’t be all about me right?  The welfare and safety of my daughter is my one-top priority.  Everything about me should take a back-seat, that’s what motherhood is all about … right?


  1. motherhoodisanart

    You should feel very lucky indeed! That is just gorgeous! I would love to live with that kind of beauty surrounding me everyday!

    • I know I really should be thankful =( But I really miss city-living =(

  2. Beautiful! I must say I might be more than a little envious of your neighborhood.

    • It is beautiful, yes. I wish though that I could appreciate it more and stop yearning for the city. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Your neighborhood looks really amazing, like a postcard!

    But I don’t agree that everything about you has to take a back seat when you become a mother. I just don’t think that’s fair. You’re right, it shouldn’t be ALL about you, but it should be a LITTLE about you as well. Happy mother = happy kid, whether you’re in the city or the country. Kids adjust and adapt very well to their surroundings, surprisingly so, especially when they are this young. Maybe a bit of your old self is calling you back to the city! 😉 It’s a constant struggle to keep a bit ourselves intact and present and to not let that fade away, when we become parents. It may sound stupid, but for me it’s an important fight, one that we must always be conscious of.

    Cities aren’t as idyllic as the countryside, both have their advantages and disadvantages. But there’s always compromise, right? Maybe more frequent trips to the city, so you can get your fix of the culture and art and shopping, and then you come back to your peaceful and charming village. Anyway, city or country, kids are chameleons — they’ll fit right in, as long as they’ve had a nap and enough space to run around in!

    • It isn’t stupid at all and I totally agree with you about the fight for being true to ourselves. Yes, it is a constant battle. Some days I feel like I’m losing it… Anyway, we do have regular visits to cities and towns as much as we can. I always feel though that it’s never enough. I like to think that this is just a chapter in my life and it may end soon, who knows? … Thanks Kala.

  4. It IS just a chapter! You’ll see, it will get better, because it has to. 🙂 Courage!

  5. Amy Boyington

    I am a city girl at heart too, but this looks absolutely beautiful!
    Visiting from Bloggy Moms August Blog Hop!

  6. PODcast (@The_Doves)

    What a fabulous post Dean – it looks amazing where you live, I adore the photos. It’s funny when we’re in the city, we crave being somewhere more suitable for children. We did 20 years in London before moving into the country, it took time but it’s totally the right choice. I’m sure you’ll be the same. Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

    • I think it’s the right choice too, especially when it comes to bringing up a little girl =) She loves it here =)

  7. over40andamumtoone

    Looks wonderful, I’d settle for going to the loo in peace – that would be nice!

  8. Samantha

    Your neighborhood is beautiful! How far is it from the city? Maybe as T grows older, you’ll be able to go there more? Or y’all could move somewhere that’s in between the beautiful coastal town and a bustling city?

    • Actually, not that far. The nearest city, which I really like is Exeter and it’s about 60 miles away, roughly around an hours drive, which isn’t really that bad at all. We do go often =)

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