Missing A Cat named Boots

For those who have been reading my blog for some time now, you’ll know that we used to have a cat named Boots.  We got her from a rescue cattery when she was about 6 months old and T was barely two years old.  We got out cat long before we got Doc, T’s dog.

Life before Doc, the Dog.

From Boots’ point of view, life was bliss.  Our home was her domaine.  She could go anywhere without worrying about her peace being disturbed by a cold nose.  She had the run of the house and could go to the kitchen and stretch without having to worry about being chased.  She could sprawl lazily on the couch all day long, without anyone, apart from T, disturbing her sleep.

For about a year, Boots was used to having just us at home.  She was the perfect cat to little T.  She hardly scratched T, in spite being strangled, tail pulled, cuddled by demand, lifted and carried away.  There were a few scratches of course, but not a lot.  I’m not a cat person, but Boots was different.  I am very fond of Boots.

Little 2-year-old T with Boots.  How time flies!

And then came The Dog.

Her world changed and suddenly her space was invaded by this smelly out-sider.  She couldn’t go anywhere without checking if the coast was clear.  She was no longer the apple of T’s eye.  She suddenly had a smelly and irritating rival, called Doc.

She hated him at first sight.

Doc as a pup.

At first though, she tolerated him.  After all, he was only small.  Had he remained small, she probably would’ve stayed.  But Doc grew big and then gasp, became bigger than her.  I guess that was when she finally decided that enough is enough.

One day, she just left us.

It wasn’t a sudden leaving.  We weren’t dumped without any signs.  She used to go away for hours on no end.  Then she would stay out the whole night, come home in the afternoon.  We knew by then there was someone else.  My husband assured me that cats are that way.  She’ll come home, don’t worry, he said.

For a while, she led a double life and was fed double dinners.  I was fine with that, as long as she still came home.  Until one day, she stopped coming home.

The Other Woman

We don’t really know for sure who she is.  Our neighbour claims to know her and have seen Boots on her couch.  She says this woman likes to feed other cats and our other neighbour said that this woman also “stole” her cat and even rang her doorbell one day and demanded she signed a document saying she’s relinquishing her cat to her.  Our neighbour refused to sign.  It’s a case of she said, they said.  So we don’t really know the truth.

I miss Boots.

I miss her presence and the way I’d suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and know she’s there even before hearing her purr.

I miss how she would go on walks with us like a dog.  I love to tell stories about her, especially the time she followed us deep within the woods and then suddenly disappeared because there were too many dog-walkers.  How we went back the next day not expecting to find her, but she was there.  She came out as soon as I called her name, annoyed of course, as if to say “What took you so long?  I was stuck here the whole night!”   I miss her bored face.  I want her back.  She is part of our family.  I am going to look for her.  I’m going to ring that woman’s door bell and ask very politely if we could have our cat back please.  But first, I must find that woman.  T wants her cat back.

Have you ever been dumped by a cat?

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. There's always time for tea

    Aw no! I bet T really misses Boots. What a strange thing for that woman to do! I hope you manage to resolve it lovely xx

  2. We had two weird experiences when we had cats with similar situations.

    Clyde liked to be fed at a number of different houses (he was pretty fat) and then one day we got a flyer through our door with a photo of him in a cage!! It was like some weird ransom note. We rang the number and it was a woman who had been feeding him for years but had taken to sleeping with her window open and she was fed up with him coming into her house!

    The second one was probably even weirder. Jethro (our other cat) liked to walk with us to the end of the street and then would often be waiting for us there when we came back. Then one day he was missing. We phoned the local vets and thankfully got him back but only because of his behaviour… people had picked him up thinking he was lost because he was miaowing (or perhaps because he was a very pretty friendly cat?!). Anyway… when they got him to their house (on the other side of the town), he went berserk trashing their house. They weren’t so keen after that – haha.

    But yes, cats are fickle and like food but they won’t stay put until they’re shut in for some time. I’d find that bell and get your cat back!

    • I can’t believe that woman who kept on feeding Clyde and then suddenly just gets fed-up of him! The gall! She shouldn’t have had fed him in the first place. As for Jethro, yes, I agree, that is a bit of a weird story. Boots was like him. She used to follow us around like a dog, even in our long walks… I agree, I think the old woman has probably locked Boots in. I haven’t had the chance to speak to our other neighbour who claimed that she knows who the woman is. Will have a little chat with her, hopefully soon! My other concern is, I hope Boots is fine. I worry that something bad has happened to her. Hopefully she’s really just inside the woman’s house. I’d rather she be with her than lying wounded in some empty field 🙁

  3. You Baby Me Mummy

    Oh no that is so sad! I bet you all miss Boots. We have had a couple of cats over the years who have just disappeared, so sad x

  4. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    Oh no 🙁 That is so sad. My other half would be absolutely gutted if our cat did this. It is probably the reason that he refuses to allow us a dog. I hope Boots returns home to you very soon. #AnimalTales

  5. Leah Miller

    This is very sad, especially not knowing exactly where she is. I hope that you get some kind of resolution soon, animals are very precious xx

  6. BloggerMummyLauren

    Oh no, this is awful! I know cats can be prone to a bit of a wander, and will often find a ‘second home’ somewhere that will feed them, but for this woman to steal your cat completely is not on at all!
    We have two cats, but both are house cats so unless they escape we are not in any danger of this happening. I would be devastated without them!

    • If by chance we manage to get Boots back, I think I’m going to try to keep her in.

  7. Kerry norris

    Aww that’s so sad. I bet you all miss boots. That’s incredibly selfish of the other woman. I’d be making every effort to find the owners of a cat that came to us x

  8. Oh this is really sad. Hope you find Boots and get her back. I can’t believe people just take over other cats, but then cats are fickle!

  9. Oh No! How sad. I don’t blame you for wanting your pet back and it does annoy me when people actively encourage other peoples pets into their house.

    We have never been dumped by a cat, but we have been adopted by one (she was no pet of anyones, I promise). Last spring time a feral cat started hanging around, she looked tatty so we started feeding her. She was hissy and spitty, but needed the food. After a few weeks she bought her kittens to eat and they never left. She is about as friendly as a once feral cat will get and her one remaining kitten is lovely. She has been spayed and lives the life of Riley on our back balcony.

    I do hope you get Boots back. But how she could dislike Doc I don’t know, he looks adorable.


    • Oh if looks could kill Debbie, Doc would long be dead by now 😉 I’m afraid he’s the main reason why Boots left us 🙁 Hope to find her too.

  10. Thats really sad, I hope you get Boots back soon, for all of you. We had a cat whom we had for 7 years before baby. He was fine with the little one but as more people visited and bedrooms got moved around (the baby took ours over) I think he lost his sense of security. He got more and more aggressive and ended up physically attacking anyone who came near me, even my husband, which was scary. After trying calming sprays, tablets, cat furniture, vets visits, etc we had to make the heartbreaking decision of him going to live in a sanctuary. Worst thing I have ever done and hate myself for it still, but safety of little one had to come first. I do hope to have animals again soon as I think they are great for kids to be around. Miss my little fur baby every day. Hope your story has a happy ending soon x

    • Thanks for also sharing your story. It is a bit sad that you had to give up your cat, but definitely understandable why you had to do it and shouldn’t feel bad about it, especially when it was done because the safety of your family was compromised. x

  11. mummy and monkeys

    Oh no how sad. My friends cat went missing similar to this and then just suddenly turned up one day like nothing had happened. I hope you get your cat back xx

  12. Mudpie Fridays

    OMG how can someone steal someone else’s cat!! That is so unfair. Sounds like she is a little on the strange side if she demands people sign over their cats. I hope you manage it xx

    • Yes, she does sound a bit like an odd woman, doesn’t she? I hope so too. Thanks.

  13. Becky, Cuddle Fairy

    Ah it’s sad that boots left. Doc was an adorable puppy! We had a cat named Meow who abandoned us. I have no idea where he went but I think that’s the outdoor cat’s prerogative. They decide to move on & there’s no stopping it. You have some lovely photos here to remember boots by. Thanks so much for sharing with #bloggerclubuk

  14. chickenruby

    sorry to hear that, my sister is going through a similar experience after getting a dog, one of cats left home, she pops in from time to time to say hello, but has decided home is now 2 streets away and the woman heard my sister was looking, brought the cat back, many times, but they’ve all accepted she wants to be in her new home, it is sad though. Hope you find the woman and get your cat back soon

    • At least the woman was nice enough to try to return her cat 🙁 I’m afraid this one is known to lure cats in and try to keep them as her own. Haven’t had the chance to speak to our neighbour yet, but hopefully soon. x

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