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A few days ago, I woke up to messages from my family and friends back home in the Phil and in the States asking how we were.  I was baffled with the sudden concern (not that they aren’t concerned about us, I know they always are, but it was the way they asked, just out of the blue).  It took awhile to sink-in (or perhaps also because I haven’t had my first mug of coffee yet), that they meant the #Brexit.  I repeated what my husband said to me, that we’re fine, our finances are stable and safe (thank goodness we didn’t take out that mortgage!)  They all replied good.  My sister-in-law followed it up and said that she was actually worried about the reports of rising racism here in the UK since the result of the referendum.

At that time, I haven’t heard anything and there wasn’t much reports in the news, so I googled and came across this, an album created by someone from Facebook to monitor hate incidents that has been happening here in the UK.

I shared it on my page, but then deleted it after a while.  You see, I didn’t want to be trolled.  But the other night, my husband and I were watching the news and an American man was targeted in a tram in Manchester and was told to “go home”.  I actually felt fear and wondered what if that happens to me?  I’m a sure target especially since I obviously look foreign, and to say nothing to me is akin to pretending that it isn’t happening.  I felt I had to write something even though I dreaded it.  I shun controversy, or any kind of attention you see.  If you knew me personally, you’ll know how boring I really am, though if you’ve been following my little blog by now, I’m sure you’ve guessed that already 😉

We went food shopping last Monday.  I felt a bit uneasy and wondered if that person who was looking at me across the aisle was racist.  Did the man choosing which ice-cream to buy his kids think that I should go home?  Does that woman by  the fruit stand think that I’m vermin?

So far there hasn’t been incidents like that here in North Cornwall, or at least, none that I’m aware of or experienced.  My daughter goes to a small supportive village school and has lovely friends.  But should I start to worry about her too?  What will you feel if your child comes home from school and shows you a note that says “Leave” or “No more ____ (fill in the blanks) vermin” like that poor Polish boy somewhere in Cambridge.

What would you feel if it happened to you and your child?  Would you scream your heart out and hurl expletives back at them?  Or would you cower in fear and cover your child’s ears to make sure they don’t hear the damaging and hurtful words that were hurled at you like vile warm vomit?

We are all the same regardless of where we come from.  We all live in the same planet, breathe the same air, share the same sun and moon. HG Wells sums it up:

“Our true nationality is mankind’

Let’s hope we all remember that …



If you’re reading this and want to comment, I do implore you to be KIND, this is my blog, please respect that.  I won’t approve any racist or hurtful/hateful comments.  This  was also inspired by Twins Make Five’s post: Brexit, Immigration and my Family.

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I'm a part-time writer, full-time mother and dog-walker living in a small English village by the sea with my husband, daughter and a dog named Doc.


  1. Laura @ Life with Baby Kicks

    I love that quote, our true nationality is mankind. It’s worrying the thought of more potential racism and bullying on the back of one decision, especially that aimed at children. It beggars belief that children would think that and makes me wonder what they are being told at home.

    • It’s my current favourite quote too. I think everyone, all over the world, should bare that quote in mind. My husband has banned me from watching the news because he knows how it upsets me. But I can’t stay away, I have to know what’s happening. As for the children, I’m afraid whatever they hear from their parents, will be instilled in them too 🙁

  2. Claire Jacobs

    it is a scary time, i actually thought there would be more racism if the leave voters didnt get their way, how wrong was I!!!!

    I’m worried i will be targetted even though I’m British- sometimes I am embarrassed to call myself that!
    Claire Jacobs recently posted…The 10 Best Things about Being a Single ParentMy Profile

    • That’s what also saddens me, even British people are targeted. Actually, both sides are being targeted both the leave and remain voters. It’s like everyone has lost their minds and are just filled with hate and have lost their intelligence and reasoning out the door. Alarming times really 🙁

  3. Sarah HP

    I’m reading this with tears in my eyes. I’m hating that we have got to this horrible situation where we are asking our selves these questions and worrying about our children. I’m very touched my post inspired you to write. I think the more we call out the racist minority the better and I take comfort in that people are outraged by the hate. My friend who lives in New Zealand said they reported on those hateful notes sent to Polish families on their national news, I’m so sad that people around the world are getting such a bad impression of the country I love so much.

    • You’re most welcome! Like I mentioned, I dreaded writing it actually. But I just couldn’t keep quiet anymore, especially when the fear is so real and like I mentioned, it can happen to me and my daughter and that thought is terrifying! I can probably handle it, but please, not my little girl… My husband and parents-in-law are so heartbroken. Like you, they love their country and can’t believe this is happening. Sad and terrifying times really 🙁 I pray for the safety of your family and other families who feel threatened.

  4. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    It is really a scary situation we’re in now. Where I’m from (Grimsby) there is a large Polish community and they already get a lot of abuse. I hate to think how they’re being treated now.

    I doubt people from other countries would want to move here now anyway after seeing the way people are acting!
    Lyndsey O’Halloran recently posted…Nursery updateMy Profile

    • My heart breaks for the children 🙁 and of course, for anyone who is going through this right now. I’m hoping it will be over soon.

    • I’m sure once everyone has calmed down, this will hopefully go away too. I have great faith in humanity, I know it sounds a bit naive, I’d rather be hopeful than bitter and scared. x

  5. laura dove

    Great post, and I’m sorry that anyone is in the position where they feel they will be targeted over their race. It’s shocking what is happening to our country and the things I have seen reported on the news.
    laura dove recently posted…Teething problems.My Profile

    • It’s awful, isn’t it? Hopefully people will come to their senses and snap out of this insanity. Crazy really.

  6. Angela Milnes

    It’s crazy how people have been behaving. I agree with the quote. At the end of the day we are all humans. Wish we would all like them!
    Angela Milnes recently posted…Summer Uniform With MatalanMy Profile

  7. Nikki Thomas

    I watched that tram video and was really shocked by it. I really don’t understand why people behave like that. I feel that Brexit sadly happened due to a lot of deep rooted racism in this country and it is a very worrying time. I love the diversity that immigration has brought to this country and have many friends who came from different countries to live here.

    • I think it’s beginning to die down a bit and hopefully people are realising that what they are doing is wrong.

  8. Gosh I know what you mean it’s horrible isn’t it. I live in a highly ‘leave’ area so feel a lot out of place with my neighbours. Being an immigrant myself I took it personally too and felt scared. I hope people stop being so horrible to eachother – we know where that can lead as it did in the world wars!
    Alina recently posted…My Carribean Travel VideosMy Profile

    • I guess we also shouldn’t allow fear to take a hold of us. Like I keep repeating in my replies, I’m confident this hatred will die down soon (though of course the reality is, it will always be there), but at least I’m hoping people who do it will realise that it’s wrong and won’t use the Brexit as an excuse to be mean and hateful. Stay safe Alina 🙂 x

  9. Fashion and Style Police

    This is a lovely post and I hope it goes viral. The only nationality should be mankind.

    • Oh dear, I’m just a “little” blogger. I’ve never gone viral 😉 Though I guess that’s a good thing too? Less chances of getting trolled 😉

    • That is so true. If only people would think more than twice before they say or do anything. Perhaps, the world would be a better place? Then again, nothing is ever simple.

  10. Kerry Norris

    I saw that video. It was horrible wasn’t it. No need for behaviour like that. I find it a very frightening time to be living in this country x

    • It is indeed. But like I said in my other replies, no matter how naive it may sound to some people, I’m confident it will die down soon.

  11. I live in the UK and I was really disappointed about the voting rating had turned out, however, the result I heard in the news and facebook that it’s becoming more racist. The blame for immigration and among young generation is disgusting . I feel more scared being in this country and especially the future.
    Ana recently posted…DRUGSTORE MAKEUP WISHLISTMy Profile

    • I feel you. I’m confident things will die down soon… Remember, it was a bit like this when there were vans going around in London with the hateful “Go home” sign? And then things calmed down. You take care.

  12. Fi Ni Neachtain

    I read a load of tweets which were describing racist incidents in the UK and I was horrified. My other half is Polish but was born and raised in South Africa. If someone spoke to him like they way people were speaking to non-British people according to those tweets then I’d be both angry and upset. I hope things calm down in the UK soon.

    • When you hear something like this happen in the news, any anti-foreign sentiment, it’s difficult not to take it personally unless of course you’re made of stone. I do think things will calm down soon.

  13. Leandra

    It’s such a sad time, so many people do not understand the consequences of their actions. I just hope someone comes into power who can make this work without the horror stories.

  14. I’m glad you wrote this post. It is scary reading the rise in racism. Fingers crossed we do live in a county that hopefully won’t be like that (I’ve always found Cornwall very chilled). It’s a shame we don’t live in a country like that though. We are all the same, I think it’s crazy that people think they’re suddenly entitled because they happen to be ‘British’. We are all human beings, we are all born, we all die. I hope things get better in the UK soon. xx
    Chloe recently posted…I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGHMy Profile

    • It is pretty laid back here in Cornwall, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons why we love it here 🙂 xx

    • Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of those horrible incidents.

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