A Christmas Wish List Challenge

It certainly is beginning to look a lot like Christmas and it’s snowing on my blog!  Yay!  So I made a Christmas header and changed the colour of my background adding it up to the Christmas “look” and “feel”.  If you’re not a Chrismassy type of person, I suggest you stay off my blog for this month, because I love Christmas and my posts and design might make you want to throw up 🙂

Anyway, a very lovely lady got in touch with me and asked if little T and I would be up for a Christmas Gift Competition that could win us every toy on our Christmas wish list.  Who would say no to that right, even though the husband and I have actually completed our Christmas shopping already, I still said yes!  If we win, that means more toys for little T!

So the challenge was to go to the Compare4kids which is a comparison website aimed at busy parents who have little time or the budget to do gift-shopping for their little ones.  It’s a very easy website to use.  Just click on the sex of your child, age, budget and the website will filter all the age appropriate toys and the budget for you.

For the challenge, our budget was £100.  Here’s little T choosing her toys (please pretend that you don’t see the mess on our bureau 🙂

She was pointing to this toy:

And then chose one that was even more expensive.  So I had to explain she needed to choose toys that would cost not more than the budget.  So here are her final choices:

A Fabric Doll’s Play House worth £64 and a Chad Valley Kids Pink Grand Piano for £29.99 which totals to £93.99!  Yay and some spare change for chocolates! 🙂

I actually tried to convince her to choose another toy and not the fabric doll’s house because she received a doll’s house last Christmas from her grandparents and a castle (thanks to my lovely sister) why would she want another one?  I guess you can never have enough doll’s houses when you’re little 🙂

Like I mentioned, it’s a very easy website to use.  Great for those who don’t have loads of time surfing the net, going from one toy website to another, at compare4kids, they’ve got a wide range of toys to choose from.  So save yourself the stress, the time and money and try out their website this Christmas!  That is, if you haven’t done your shopping yet 🙂

Now fingers crossed and toes too, hope we win the challenge!


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I went to the site and played around – it looks really cool! And, the items they pulled up for Mr. T were actually ones that I think he would enjoy!

    • Yay! Are you done shopping for Mr. T? I loved the grand piano… but we got so much for T already… though of course, if we “win” – that would be really, really great 🙂

      • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        I’m done! My problem is, I got such great deals this year, I spent less money on him than normal… so it’s really hard not to go overboard! Okay, who am I kidding, it’s hard not to go overboard every year! But, I think I got him everything on his list (and then some…) I love Christmas!! And I agree, if you win – T will have a wonderful Christmas with the extra toys! How cool would that be? 🙂

        • I agree with you! It’s difficult not to go overboard, hey, it’s Christmas after all! So congratulations on getting him everything on his list 🙂

  2. Life in the Wylde West

    Well I for one LOVE your Christmas site, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to change a header and make it so perfectly festive. I mean it’s cause of you I was actually able to figure out the snow thing. (thank you) And nope a girl can never have too many doll houses or dolls. My girl is 11 and she still wants dolls. I will just stay with it cause I know soon she will out grow them. I’m happy she has lasted this long. Very pretty. I love this.

  3. Pecora Nera

    There is a lot of mess on that bureau. Can I send you my Christmas list… please

    • Hey, you were supposed to be polite and avert your gaze! Hahaha. So the answer is … no ;p

      • Pecora Nera

        We have a Santa over here, someone called Babbo Natale, but I will have to brush up my Italian to send him a letter

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