A Story of a Melt-down

Someone once commented that it seemed I led a perfectly idyllic life. While we do live in a beautiful part of England, my life is far from perfect.  Not that I don’t want to write about how un-perfect my life is … The thing is, there’s absolutely nothing to report about, like I keep mentioning I live a very, very boring life.  I’m not complaining, I like it as it is.  As I’ve mentioned in the past, it suits me because I am a very boring person.

So when I say nothing really happens, believe me folks, I’m absolutely telling the truth.  This week was exactly the same as last week.  Well except for that one incident yesterday when I was reading away and from afar I heard a very familiar “tantrumy cry” from where I sat by the window and I knew instantly that little T was on her way home with her dad and she was having a meltdown.  She wanted to drop by the garage to buy chocolate, but her dad said “no” and how did my daughter take it?  She blew her top and boy did she just do that, I actually heard her!  I think the whole village heard her.  To be fair she hardly has any meltdowns, so when she does it, I wonder “What on earth happened to my daughter?  Where’s my sweet little girl gone?”

I carried her up to her room screaming and she was shouting like a deranged little girl and told her that she wasn’t allowed to leave her room at all.

I went back and sat a bit bewildered on the couch, with my heart actually pounding from all that adrenaline rush.  I just sat there listening to her kick and rage away.  I was wondering how my husband could manage to go back to his work amidst all that ruckus, but his door remained shut, and I don’t blame him at all.

After awhile, the cries turned into screaming “I’m hungry!”   I stopped by the foot of the stairs and strained my ears – was she saying I’m angry?  or I’m hungry?  It was definitely an angry “I’m hungry” demand.  So I went inside and said “If you calm down, I will bring up a little snack for you, but you can’t leave your room”. She stopped crying, but as soon as I shut the door, was at it again.  So with gritted teeth, I explained again, that if she calms down, I will bring her some food, but if she continuous crying and screeching like an angry bird, she gets nothing.  She stopped.

And it stayed quiet even while I was in the kitchen preparing her little snack.  I went back up with the tray and set it down for her and reminded her that she wasn’t allowed to leave her room.  I shut the door behind me and went back and sat on the couch, listening.

All was quiet.  After awhile, I opened the door and she was on her bed happily reading her books.  I knew I had my lovely sweet natured daughter back, so  I sat beside her and asked her what the melt-down was all about?

She replied and actually looked a bit embarrassed, “I don’t know”

I sighed and cuddled her and told her that what she did was really naughty, not to mention dangerous.  Her dad said she was actually walking backwards away from him and when he put her on his shoulders, he started kicking him.  So she had to be sat down by the side of the road and dragged back (as much as you can drag a four-year-old back without being accused of child-abuse).

She knew she was naughty and accepted her punishment without a single complaint.  I told she could come down but not allowed to watch television, nor watch anything on her tablet.  But first she had to apologise to her dad, which she did.

We sat on the couch talking and cuddling.  Then we started exchanging viber messages on my phone with some family members back home.  I had to go to the kitchen to get something and when I came back, she had my phone in her hands and actually took a selfie:

I laughed. But confiscated my phone too.

And that’s about it, the “highlight” of our week.  The one incident that made this week different from other weeks.  So there it is folks, my life isn’t perfect at all.  I guess you could say my word of the week therefore, is BORING.

What about you?

How do you deal with meltdowns?

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  1. thereadingresidence

    Ah, it would be difficult to stay mad at that face! Poor thing, not even really knowing what it was all about herself. My daughter doesn’t have meltdowns, but my son does. I can’t talk to him when he’s like it, so I leave him to it until I can reason with him again! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • I know. That’s why I tell her to stay in her room till she’s capable of talking without shouting. Like I mentioned, she seldom has meltdowns, so when it happens. I’m always bewildered!

  2. Kim Carberry

    Aww! Bless her….I couldn’t stay mad at her with a face like that….hehehe

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I’m totally the melt down one! It’s like all of the sudden the pot boils over and explodes all over the kitchen, and then I’m over it! My sister told me several years ago that it used to make her so mad, we’d fight and argue and get mad, and five min later I was asking her if she wanted to play! 🙂
    But I am glad you stuck to your guns and stuck to the limits and boundaries set in place!

    • My mother likes to tease me and say that little T is my karma 😉 I have absolutely not idea what she’s talking about 😉 … As for little T, she knows that if she keeps shouting and crying like that, she won’t get what she wants. Then she’ll apologise as if nothing has ever happened. My husband and I keep explaining to her that just because she apologises after doesn’t mean that it’s okay, that she can get away with it, though of course we commend her for saying sorry too!

  4. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    She does look cute, so you did well to stay calm especially as she didn’t know why it happened either.

    • I’m sure she knows what happened. “I don’t know” is her default answer when she’s being naughty 😉

  5. Life as we know it

    She looks like butter wouldn’t melt! My 4 year old had a mega tantrum this week, no idea what over, and she was sent to bed for the first time. It’s very hard to stay calm and firm when they are like this isn’t it? I hope this week is really boring and you have no little incidents like this to spice it up!! 🙂 x

    • Thanks! I’m just thankful this doesn’t happen often … fingers-crossed 😉

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