A Two Year Old’s Birthday Party

We didn’t have a party for our daughter when she turned one last year.  Though I did bake her a small cake, decorated the house with pink balloons even if it was just me and her dada who celebrated with her.

This is Tamsin’s first birthday.

This year, we decided to throw a small little party for her and invited four kids from her playgroup.  Filip, her best-friend, Jacob, Rueben and the only girl in the group (apart from the birthday celebrant), was one year old little Jasmin who lived a few houses away from us.

We also had a couple of grown-up guests who were also her god-parents (both of them also worked with us in Africa) and of course, the parent(s) of Tamsin’s guests.

What I should have done:

Used my own judgement when deciding on what to serve.  I left the food choices to my British husband thinking he knew what to serve.  And being English of course, he chose little fondant cakes and a dozen more of sweet little treats.

Being just two, they didn’t eat a lot of course.  What I should have done was serve bowls of fruit for the little ones, although we did serve fresh fruit and vegetable salad and bbq to our guests.

In the Philippines, children’s parties are usually big.  That’s because we have big families and if not, we like to invite everyone to our birthday parties.  It’s usually catered or relatives would help prepare the birthday meal which usually involved children’s spaghetti (usually in a sweet sauce), hotdogs, barbecue, cake and a whole lot more.


A children’s birthday party without entertainment would be a bore, even for two-year olds whose attention span is very short.  Here’s what we did, or planned:

Face Paint – Luckily our good friend S is an all-around artist and crafts-person.  She bought a face paint kit as part of her birthday present for Tamsin.  I was a bit wary when she suggested this, I didn’t think two-year olds would have the patience to sit through long enough for her to paint on them.  And I was right.

The verdict:  For two-year olds, I think face paint is a no-go.

Bubble Machine – This was my husband’s very good idea.  I hunted for one online and found some really expensive ones.  We didn’t want to spend more than £10 for a bubble machine, luckily we found one on ELC.  It was a big hit!  The little ones squealed in delight when we turned it on and had a lovely time chasing bubbles.  The downside was they all wanted a go at operating it.

The verdict:  An absolute must have for any children’s party!]

Bouncy castle – Bouncy castles are always a hit.  But if you have a small garden like we do, a bouncy thing will do.  In spite of being small, our daughter’s little friends had a great time in her little bouncy thing.

The verdict: Success!

Games – We took a risk on this one as we knew two-year olds won’t have the patience to sit through a game or follow directions.  But we did pass the parcel.

The verdict:  Wait till your little ones are older.

Here are a few photos from her birthday party:

As for party-favors or loot bags, we gave the usual stuff of little toys, some chocolates and since we were still suffering from the 2012 London Olympics, we gave it a little Olympic flavor by giving away toy medals.

I also made Tamsin’s invitation using my favourite online photo editor- Picmonkey.  (So sorry I had to make a mess of it by blotting out our address and contact numbers, don’t exactly want you lot showing up in our doorstep =p)

Did we serve alcohol to our grown-up guests?  Of course we did!

It was a lovely birthday party.  Let’s hope the next one is just as good =)

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