A Winter Walk, Bird-watching and The Playground

Tamsin and I had a great Monday, in spite missing our play-date with her best-friend F as mentioned in the other post.  (Yes, it was my fault and yes, I am slowwww in the mornings).

To make up for it, we went for a walk and took her binoculars with us, which she bought with her own money.  A very-much older cousin of hers sent her some Christmas money which she happily spent in a National Trust gift shop.  Her purchases were:  a binocular and a wooden top.

My daughter is very girly.  She likes fairies, dressing up, shoes, playing with her “baby” and loves her doll’s house and pink castle.  However, she also loves trains (has her own train set), robots, cars and others.  So yes, binoculars and wooden tops would definitely appeal to her.

It was a cold winter’s day.  The sun was out, so I bundled her up in layers.  It took us ages to get anywhere, because she kept stopping in the street to look at birds.

We went to the headland first, hoping to see more birds and maybe even rabbits scampering about.  Instead we saw this:


Cows!  Dotted all over the headland!  Of course, Tamsin wanted to see them up close.  So I told her to use her binoculars instead.

It was really muddy so we headed for the playground instead.

My little one calls this “Her Playground”.

Hope your side of the world is better than our side:  It’s another grey and gloomy day for us folks here I’m afraid.


  1. craftereight

    Tamsin looks so adorable in the 2nd photo!:) I love that she spent her money on a pair of binoculars. Your little girl is a budding ornithologist 😉

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