And the Little One said …

Yesterday, we were off for another sunshine adventure when on our way out of our little village by the ocean, driving up to one of the narrow country lanes Cornwall is known for, my usually-gentle-husband exploded with expletives as a couple of cars (obviously tourists) were driving in the middle of the road.  Yes, the husband used the F word to express his frustration.

From behind him, T says What’s wrong Dada?

The husband says I’m sorry Tamsin.  They were driving in the middle of the road!  Silence in the car.  Then we turned into a major street and from behind, the little one said:

F*ck it!

Shocked.  I looked behind and the little one said:

The cars were in the middle of the road!

The guilty husband whispered: Ignore her.  Pretend it’s nothing.

So that’s what I did.


  1. thesecretfather

    Ha ha! Funny! We have to watch our language these days too.

  2. motherhoodisanart

    I love the picture! My 2 year old is constantly saying, “What the heck is going on here.” Granted it’s pretty mild but I know he has learned it from me and it just doesn’t seem natural coming out of a 2 year old’s mouth!

    • That’s cute! A little two-year-old talking like a twenty-year-old. Hahaha. Does he put his hands on his hips too? T does, when she sort of imitates me.

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  4. Time with A & N

    That is funny. I never realize I use certain phrases until my kid repeats them. Then I always wonder do I address this or ignore it and hope it never happens again. New follower with bloglovin. Found you on Bloggy moms.
    Angela @ Time with A & N ( )

    • Hi! Thanks for the visit. Yes, it is funny, even if it’s a “bad” word. I guess, the best thing to do is ignore it so they won’t think any of it and not repeat it again. Will check out your blog too! All the best, Dean.

  5. Samantha

    Dean, I’m cracking up! Kids are hilarious. And they pick up on context, when you least expect it, when you’re trying to sneakily curse, too.

    • Oh yes, they are! My daughter surprises and cracks me up daily! Just tonight, she called me a “cheeky” little thing and this afternoon she said “Please wash my hands, they’re filthy!”. She’s barely three.

  6. beingnenne

    OMG! They are such sponges, aren’t they? I always have to bite my tongue around him so that something nasty wont come out and worse, they pick it up.

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