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Last year, I’m afraid little T was that kid (there’s always one, isn’t it?  The one who picked her nose during their Christmas Nativity presentation.  Yep, that was my lovely daughter.

This year though, I’m proud to announce that it was someone else’s kid who was caught on camera doing it.  Not mine.  I guess reminding her beforehand did it the trick Please do not pick your nose was repeatedly said to her by yours truly, the night the nativity and again the next morning before she set off to school with her dad.

Last year, she was an angel who picked her nose.  This year, she was a lovely shepherd who kept her little fingers wrapped around her crook.  Perhaps, that’s what did it?  Not my constant reminder, but because her hands were holding her crook?

Seriously though, she was a perfect little shepherd (if there’s such a thing).  A mum seated beside me admiringly said that little T sang the songs with gusto and that she knew every single lyrics of the songs.  She definitely made me and my husband proud last Friday.

“Listen to the news …”

For every parent, the nativity is a lovely mark to end the year.  It touches our heart to see our children dress up as shepherds, as Mary, Joseph, the three kings, the inn-keeper and all the other characters in a nativity play.  Never mind if it feels the same as in every other year, it still pulls at our heartstrings.

And of course, here’s little T with her standard funny face.  With my daughter, there always has to be a funny face.

What was your child’s Nativity play/Christmas play like?

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  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    I love that it’s the same every year, because then it gets to be different as the children grow! such great memories!

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