Does your child

suddenly develop a fever when going on a trip or on a visit to someone?  Mine does, or used to.  I noticed that Tamsin would suddenly develop a temperature every time we would visit my in-laws and other friends.  Yeah right, just when I would hope for a best-behaviour from my daughter so her grandparents would at least think that their granddaughter is a little angel in every possible way (haha), instead she would turn into an annoying-clingy little girl who would burst into tears every time they would turn her way.  Oh dear indeed.

Then the health visitor suggested that every time we go on a trip, we should talk to her beforehand about it. She said that it could be that our little one gets a little bit stressed-out when her routine is disturbed and she’s faced with people she’s not really used to.  We thought about it and it did make sense.  Tamsin is used to just seeing me and her Dad day in and day out.  She does go to playgroup and swimming where she gets to interact with other kids and even has a best-friend named Filip, that’s about it.  Oh and we do live in a very small village, so I guess it made sense that trips would “stress” her out.

So we followed our HV’s advice and it worked!  No more annoying little girl, instead her grandparents got to see Tamsin in her normal lovely mood.

If this is scenario sounds familiar to you, try the following:

  • Tell your little one all about the trip days before it actually happens.  Do a little count-down like “It’s just three more sleeps before you see your grandparents again”.
  • Keep them involved when packing for the trip – let them help you pack and keep talking about the coming trip, how excited it would be to see their grandparents again and all the fun things you plan to do, see or visit.
  • The HV suggested to give little treats/presents for good behaviour for each leg of the trip especially if it’s going to be a long-long travel, but I always pack some snacks for her when we go out, so that was exactly new to me.  It’s about a 5-6 hour drive to where her grandparents live and when you’re driving with a toddler, lots of stops is a must!

Try it!  It might just work for you and your child, like it did for us =)

Tamsin at a street party in Bristol.


  1. I can’t get over the fact that our little (half) Filipina’s best friend is called Filip! How perfect!

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