Don’t you just love the way…

kids operate on what they want regardless of how silly it may seem to us “grown-ups”.  Like wear your swimsuit at home – all day.  Why not?

I’m normally not fond of two-piece swim suits for children, especially young ones, however, during emergencies at the beach it’s so much easier to take off the bottom of a two piece.  Have you tried wrestling with your toddler – trying to get a wet-sandy one piece suit off as they wriggle and cry “It’s coming!  It’s coming!”?  Yes, it’s not nice.  So for now, a two-piece will just have to do.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to buying summer clothes for T even though summer has yet to come.  One can always dream…

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  1. asanempoka

    oooh I never thought of it like that. My daughter has one pieces and I have had a few of those occassions. Still, at least she is getting to the age when she can regulate herself a bit more…. apparently. 😛

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