First Words – First Phrases

I don’t remember exactly when my little one uttered her first word.  Her first word was Dada.  It took her awhile to name me.  My husband said that it was probably because she then thought of me as an extension of herself.  I was called a different name, then ommy, before she finally called me mommy or mom.

What I do remember exactly is the moment she said her first phrase.  It was one lazy afternoon, she was about 8 months and we were on the couch watching Cbeebies when she turned to me and said:

Yes, she said rain stopped.  I also remember that it took awhile for it to sink – what she said.  And then it did, I asked her to repeat what she said.  And she did, this time pointing to the window she said rain stopped.  It was indeed raining the whole day and it finally stopped!  And then later on she said:

Those two phrases became her default conversation piece.  Every time she was out, standing in the cue and someone said Hi to her she would always reply rain stopped and sun gone!  She was about 8 months then and everyone was charmed by her.  I too was amazed on her ability to make small talk, especially since I am terrible with it.

But that’s all gone now.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s very articulate.  Lately, her vocabulary seems to have doubled.  My husband even said “Did she swallow a dictionary for Christmas?”.  That’s how talkative she is now.  The downside is, she’s not very good with small talk anymore, especially when standing in line.  If someone says hi to her, she’d hide her face or worse make a sulky sound as if to say don’t talk to me!   Yes, all parents know how embarrassing it can get – terrible twos indeed.  I’m waiting for this phase to end, although someone said that it will only get worse!

Those two phrases are now hanging on her wall now.  For parents out there, do you remember the first two phrases your child ever uttered?

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