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The first football match little T watched in a stadium was in the Olympics in Old Trafford, Manchester.  She was barely two.  I think she enjoyed it.  She loved the big crowds and the contagious excitement in the crowd.  She especially liked it when a giant inflatable football was passed around in the crowd.

She didn’t cry or whinge.  But patiently sat on her dad’s lap all through out the game, just watching.  Little did I know that in the years to come, she’d choose football over gymnastics.  Yes, she did quit her gymnastics and chose to play football instead.

Fast forward to November 2017 – her second game wasn’t as exciting and no way anywhere as big as watching an Olympic match in the Old Trafford.  It was a small stadium in Exeter where Exeter City F.C. played against Grimsby.  As you can see from below, a very drizzly and cold November day.

Yes, I know.  The contrast is glaring.

The husband has been wanting T to watch Exeter play.  Why Exeter?  The shocking truth is, T is actually a Devonian Pixie, not a Cornish Pixie.  Gasp, I know.  She was born in Exeter hospital just like a number of her friends in T’s school, so it seems apt that she support the team of the city she was born in.

The husband even bought her a scarf to mark the occasion.  She loves it because she said it looks like a Harry Potter one.  Did she enjoy the game?  Yes.  Would she want to watch another game?  Yes, she said and she’s hoping to bring her best-friend F in the next game since they both play football in their school.  Looks like Exeter city F.C. has a new little fan!  Who knows, F might also want to support them?

What about you?

Do you support any football club?

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    • I’m not a football fan either. I’d rather go shopping in Exeter than watch a game 🙂

    • I was actually surprised. She didn’t show much interest before. I guess it’s because she’s playing the game now 🙂

  1. Sophie's Nursery

    It’s lovely to find something that they’re really interested in! Soph loves kicking footballs around so maybe it would be worth taking her to watch it in real life! x
    Sophie’s Nursery recently posted…Pregnancy Update Week 26My Profile

    • Same here. Word Cup fever and of course the Olympics was certainly catching even for non-football fans like us 😉 x

    • I watch with my husband too and now my little girl… but like your little ones, I have no interest at all 🙂

    • Wow, seven nephews?! You must have such fun with them when they’re around 🙂 x

    • The atmosphere is certainly contagious! Especially in big events like the World Cup or the Olympics 🙂

    • While T claims to remember watching the Olympics, I honestly doubt if she does, she was barely two 🙂

  2. Fashion and Style Police

    I don’t but hubby is a fan of Arsenal. Never seen a live match before.

    • The one good thing about live matches and watching in a stadium is that the excitement in the air is actually very contagious even for a non-football fan like me 😉

  3. Such an adorable baby. She is really enjoyed football. May be she enjoyed the fans chanting and environment of the crowd cheering.

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