Little T gives Miss Cotton Bottom a piggyback ride

If you’ve been following my blog, you would’ve had the pleasure of meeting Miss Cotton Bottom, little T’s most favourite toy in the world (apart from Brachy).

Little Miss Cotton Bottom is the first ever baby doll we got for little T on her second Christmas.  The idea was so she could share her bath with the doll since it’s supposed to be one of those dolls you can actually bathe with and you can.  (I can’t really remember whether she’s an Annabelle or Baby Born doll.) The problem though, while she is indeed washable, it takes her ages to dry!  Now that Little T knows this, she doesn’t insist that Cotton Bottom shares her bath anymore, especially if it would mean a night without the little doll by her side.

We don’t exactly remember either when this doll stopped being referred to as “baby”.  One day, she was just suddenly christened Cotton Bottom, which doesn’t really suit her because she’s not as soft as cotton at all!  In fact, little Miss Cotton Bottom is hard and cold!  She has in fact startled me more than a couple of times, as I’d feel something cold pressing against my leg.  Her head, arms and legs can turn really cold especially in the winter, but Little T doesn’t seem to mind at all.  This dolly is naked.  Little T seems to prefer it that way, she stripped her naked long ago and Little Cotton Bottom has been in her birthday suit ever since.

As mentioned they go everywhere together, play-school, rugby, swim class (though she has to be left in the car) or when we go and walk the dog.

There’s little T giving Miss Cotton Bottom a piggyback ride.

Woof!  Woof!  Wait for me!  Says Doc.

Last one up is a rotten egg!  Says T.

Ooh!  Puddles!  Says little T splashing happily around.

“Oh” Says Little Miss Cotton Bottom, “This is making me feel rather dizzy”

“Please don’t drop me in the mud!”  Says Cotton Bottom.

“Of course not!” Replies Little T.

“I dropped my cap!”  Little T hurries over to pick it up.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t me!”  Says Cotton Bottom.

Little T laughs and declares “I think it’s time to go home now”.

“That’s a grand idea!” Cotton Bottom agrees.

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What’s your little ones favourite toy in the world?

Do they also have a special name for it?


Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. thereadingresidence

    Love Cotton Bottom, despite her not being cottony! My kids have a couple of toys they’;re attached to and need for sleeping, but don’t take them out that much. Obviously less caring owners!

  2. Jaime Oliver

    awww bless her! i love how she carries her the whole trip by her leg?! lol lol xx

    • I know! 🙂 I bet little Miss Cotton Bottom was so dizzy by the time we were finished with our walk 🙂

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Love these photos! We have a few firm favourites, mainly the ones they have slept with since they were tiny, but the wee girl is definitely more attached to toys than the boys were – she has her rabbits and her bay-bees!

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    So sweet! I love kids and their toys and little T is just so precious!

  5. hurrahforgin

    You, Little T and cotton bottom juts crack me up 🙂 Nice piggyback there too xx

  6. Lakes Mum

    I miss this stage of having to take a toy everywhere! such cute pics

    • Thanks. She doesn’t leave with Cotton Bottom. Now she has a new baby doll, she actually has to take them both!

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