Little T's Christmas Wish List

Little T’s interests and favourites changes all the time, from her favourite books to current favourite film to watch.  At the moment, she’s obsessed with Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”.  She watches the (2009 Robert Zemeckis film) dvd every time she comes home from school and asks her Dad to read the book every single night before she sleeps.

For those who’ve been regular friends of Little Steps, will know that little T is a typical girl who loves pink (but also loves the colour blue), and loves everything Frozen and likes playing with her Barbie toys.  However, unlike other girls, she’s always been into what others would label as “toys for boys”.  When she was younger, she loved playing with cars and had her own train-set too.  At play-school, you would seldom find her playing dress-up with the other girls.  Instead, she’d be outside playing “rough” with the boys.

And currently, her absolute favourite is Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.  She loves watching these teenage turtles on her tablet, so it didn’t come as a surprise to us when she included them on her wish list and scrapped the Frozen castle on her list.

As you can see, we’ve managed to find the Live Woody and Michaelangelo.  For whatever reason, they don’t seem to have a live Donatello 🙁  If anyone knows where we can source this, do drop me a note or comment.  We also added some toys that weren’t on her list, because well, it’s Christmas and the look on her face as she comes down on Christmas morning and seeing the pile of presents just for her is priceless.

For my little girl, there is not such thing as toys for boys or toys for girls only.   Well, there shouldn’t be anyway, right?  I’m proud of my little T 🙂

What’s on your little one’s Christmas Wish List?

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?


  1. Pecora Nera

    I love Christmas time, I am trying to find a suitable prezzie for Mrs Sensible, I dropped hints and she said she needed a new toothbrush!! It seems the old one doesn’t charge very well. She can clean her top teeth, but when she gets to her lower gnashers it starts running slow…

    • Oh PN, you’re lucky Mrs. S doesn’t read your comments, or else you’ll be in trouble again 😉 How about giving her perfume instead? 🙂

      • Pecora Nera

        She reads the comments on my blog, but I don’t think she understands how the comments on other blogs work so I am safe..ish. 😉 Well I am safe until somebody squeals and points her in the right direction, if that happens I will try to hide her wooden spoon first.

        PS. another cat has turned up, it is only a kitten and we don’t know where it came from. There are only 3 houses near us and they don’t have cats…

        How about I send it to Little T as an early Christmas prezzie, before Mrs S becomes attached to it.

        • Great idea! Only I’m not sure Doc will be pleased. Plus, there’s also Boots to think of. Then again, she’s never home! I don’t remember … what happened to Scooby Doo?

          • Pecora Nera

            Scooby Doo was supposed to live across the road. However he lived in our garage and we fed him. The week before we moved house, we went to talk to his real owners to see if we could take him with us.

            They said he comes and goes as he likes, they see him maybe once every couple of weeks, but he is happy and healthy. He was happy and healthy because we fed (and I tormented) him.

            So we left him in the charge of Luigina, the old lady who lived next door. He is now fat and content, he shares a bed with Gilda the incredible fat dog with short legs. I went to say hello to Luigina last week and the scabby white cat looked really healthy, Luigina loves him and keeps him fed.

          • Oh I remember now. I do love the characters in your blog-posts, especially the animals 🙂 Glad to know Scooby Doo is doing great.

          • Pecora Nera

            We now have 2 cats, Mishmash who is as bad as can be and Ruthie who is a sweet little cat. You can guess which belongs to me and which belongs to Mrs Sensible.

            I should do a post on Mishmash

  2. Cheryl TimeToCraft (@CherylInTheUK)

    They are their own person, right from the beginning. Good for her. I hope she enjoys them (no idea what a live Donatella is, let alone where you get one – no help)

    • They certainly are! A “live” Donatello is just a toy that talks 😉 He’s one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. It’s an American cartoon 🙂

  3. thereadingresidence

    Oh yes, the TMNT are top of Boo’s list! Her grandparents have bought her two interactive turtles, Leonardo & Raphael, her aunt’s bought her the TMNT van, my dad’s bought her TMNT Lego and we’ve got her a few smaller bits, such as the blopens. It’s then Lego Friends, stationery, books, and we’re after a tablet for her. She’ll be happy – I’m so looking forward to seeing her face when she realises that the two turtles ‘talk’ to each other!

    • We found the live Mikey but not the Donatello one. She specifically asked for the two (they’re her favourites you see). Hmm, I’m wondering if we should settle for Leonardo or Raphael, but she hasn’t mentioned them… Ooh, it’s nice to know that girls don’t get stuck with toys that they’re expected to like just because of their sex!

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    My little brother loved the Turtles. I still love them! Mr. T and I went and saw the new movie… but I have no clue what Live Turtles are – when I read the picture, I thought it was a joke, like she want the characters there to play with… LOL. Obviously I’m no help!

    • Live – interactive ones 😉 Funny, that’s how they’re described online. Little T wanted to watch the movie and was really disappointed when we told her that only 12 year olds and up are allowed to see it 🙁

  5. Hi Dean, I’m glad to hear your daughter likes all kinds of toys. We are a family of boys so Frozen has totally passed us by – which is good and bad (I secretly want to see it!). Love how it’s snowing on your blog! So cute! How do you do that?

    • Are you on WordPress too? If you are, just go to your account settings and click on the snow settings 🙂 … As for Frozen, you’re not missing out on much 😉

  6. Good for her! Why should kids be all girly stuff or all boyish stuff? There are interesting toys for both. Thanks for linking up to Loud ‘n’ Proud.

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