Little T's first Gymnastics Badges

As some of you may know, little T started gymnastics class last year and I’m proud to say that she’s still loving it and has actually earned her first two badges.

For awhile my husband and I were worried that she’d lose interest, especially since it is a bit of a drive form where we live.  But so far, she is still looking forward to Fridays when she gets to don her lovely sparkly gym leotards and now club hoodie.  I’ve just recently sewn her badges on, ready for her to wear tomorrow.

After sewing the second one, my fingers were really hurting!

It’s so interesting and lovely to see how confident she is now after starting school this year, joining her gym class and also star-makers another after school activity.  She’s no longer the scared, shy little girl who used to burst into tears just as the school bell would ring.  Interestingly, some kids who were so confident at the start of the year are now the ones who have been tearful in the mornings, while T after a goodbye wave, would happily cue along with her other friends.

And it was actually also her idea to join star-makers (a drama, singing and dancing class), which one of the mum’s of her friends facilitate after school.  All her friends went at the beginning, and she held back.  We didn’t push her, for us it was enough that she had her gymnastics class and didn’t want (still don’t) to pile too much activities after school.  Most days she’s too tired and grumpy to do anything anyway.

But one day, she surprised us all, by announcing that she wanted to go to star-makers too, which was fine, especially since it’s being held at our village hall, not far from her school.

Little T has definitely gone more than a mile from the kind of little girl she was before she started school.  To think that at the beginning, I was so worried that we had made the wrong decision of starting her too early.  After all, she had just turned four, in less than a couple of weeks before starting school.

What about you?

How are your little ones doing?


  1. naptimethoughts

    That’s wonderful that she’s come so far. We’re having the opposite problem. j did wonderfully in Kindergarten, and the start of first grade, but he has a dreadful teacher this year. She’s the kind of woman you look at and get the chills – just from her face. She shouldn’t be teaching, especially little ones. Anyway, we’ve gone back and forth with her for the entire school year, and J has just crumpled into a low self esteem, misbehaving, school hating pile of goo. Luckily, this lady is only a maternity leave replacement, the real teacher will be back next month. I’m hoping he’ll start the road to recovery when she comes back. I’m told she’s lovely.
    Badges already! I think maybe cub scouts for J. Although Tee ball is just around the corner.

    • Oh dear, I feel for you. It is upsetting when something like that happens. Can he be moved to another class, especially if he’s doing so well without that teacher? Hope J is better soon! As for scouts, I’m sure he’ll enjoy that. T will be old enough for the equivalent of scouts here in England, next year. Though like I mentioned, I don’t want to pack so much after-school activities for her unless she really asks for it.

      • naptimethoughts

        This IS the second teacher. The school gave the two good first grade teachers – who are both VERY good – to kids with academic or behavior problems.
        My kid got screwed because he’s a good student.
        God Bless America!
        Plus they’re piling on the homework. He is six and doing at least a half an hour after school every day. And I wouldn’t mind so much if he was doing something constructive, but he’s doing worksheets. Busywork. It’s no wonder our country has dropped so far compared to the rest of the world’s education. There’s an old addage that goes “s*%# in, S#%* out” – we pay our teachers nothing, and we get nothing teachers. It’s very sad.
        Enough of my bitching. I think Little T will be able to tell you what she wants to do and what she doesn’t. J was able to do that when he was 5, and now that he’ll be 7 in June, he’s asking for more to do after school. Now that she’s more independent, it’s harder to keep an eye on her. I gets fun at this age.

        • An hour and a half every day homework for six year olds? That’s absolutely nuts! As for T, she already tells us what she wants to do already … She started doing that at an early age! 😉

  2. sarahmo3w

    That’s brilliant! It sounds like she is doing really well. You must be so proud of her. Thanks for linking up with Loud ‘n’ Proud.

  3. Fantastic that she’s doing so well, and that achievement and confidence are going hand in hand.

  4. Erica Price

    Great that school and gymnastics are going so well. Keep trying to get my son to go to gym as I think it would be good for him.

    • Yes, definitely glad about that. If your son is anything like my daughter, he’ll suddenly just announce to you that he’s ready to go to gym! 😉

  5. fourcalders

    So good that she is doing well and loving it. Proud mummy moments. 🙂

  6. jojoka1963

    I took Lily to a gymnastic club this week (just for a general session to run amok!) and she seemed to like it. I have planted the seed hopefully, and we’ll be looking at her joining very soon 🙂

    • I’m not surprised that she liked it too. I bet she won’t change her mind either! 🙂 x

  7. debsrandomwritings

    My little ones are no longer little ones, but I can still remember that worried feeling that goes with being a Mum to young children. It’s great that Little T is coming out of her shell and feels comfortable and confident enough to join in now.

    Those badges are never easy to sew on and well done to your daughter for getting two already!

    • Thank you! Yes, I’m just glad she’s really happy now with school and her other activities as well 🙂

  8. My little girl is so looking forward to summer because she wants to take up ballet lessons! I just hope she will stick to it because ballet classes are a bit expensive over here! LOL

    • Good luck! And yes, hope she sticks to it. We were warned by the staff at T’s gym club not to buy leotards for her yet, at least after a month or so. While lessons may not be expensive, the leotards are! 😉 Plus of course “other” stuff that needs to be bought every now and then (badges aren’t free of course ;).

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