Little T’s Retail Fix

The last few remaining days of little T’s half-term break was a hectic one.  We drove over to Beds to visit her grandparents, we don’t see them as much as we want, although they did spend Christmas with us.  That’s one of the downside of leaving away from family, you don’t see them often, worse for me, mine are oceans away, though luckily, I’ll be seeing some of them over the holidays!

T loves to sit in front with her dad, we allow it only in the small roads, but once back in the main roads, we move her behind again.  I guess it makes her feel all grown-up sitting in front!

While T was happy to visit family, her main top place to visit was the mall so she could go shopping!  On Monday, while her dad was in a meeting, little T and I went for a retail fix.  She brought all her saved-up coins from her piggy bank, all £6.75 of it.  Managed to buy a small mermaid that can swim in the bath for £5.75 which was originally on for about £12!  She has a few pennies left to put back in her piggy bank.  Since she was such a good girl, we told her she could have an additional toy she could choose, she wanted a Rapunzel doll and luckily for us, there was one on sale in the Disney shop.  Phew.

And the day before that, we also went on a book shopping fix.  As you can see from the featured image, little T chose more than a couple.  She’s a lucky girl, her grandparents gave her a ten-pound note to spend in Waterstones, which didn’t take her long to do.  She chose Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by British Illustrator and The Observer Political Cartoonist, Christ Riddell which was a bit pricey at £10.99 but so worth it, with its hard bound cover and lovely illustrations.

While her pile of books are a little bit advanced for her to read on her own (they all have chapters), she absolutely loves them.  Her current faves are the Harper series by CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell.  She loves Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella and managed to get the newly released Harper and the Circus of Dreams.  She also bought another Chris Riddell book “Ottoman and the Yellow Cat” and Witch Wars by Sibeal Pounder.  She reads them all at night with the help of her dad.

Aside from books, my little girl has a shoe addiction.  I love them too, but not as much as she does.  We’ve promised her some new converse, since her last one didn’t fit her anymore.  She’s had red, pink and blue ones.  This time she chose purple.

Yes, they are still a little bit big for her.  But we purposely chose a size bigger, it has to last her till  at least summer! 😉

I also bought her a few clothes, just basic ones like leggings, a few tops and a dress.  Yes, it’s all about little T.  Okay fine, I might have bought myself a new top too 😉

What about you?  Do you or your little ones like shoes too?


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen Blog

    When Mr. T was little, shopping trips always revolved around him, too! And he loves shoes so much more than I do!

    • I love shoes too. But I must admit, I give in to little T, more than I give in to myself 😉

  2. I swear boys are more into shoes than girls are these days, with all the expensive Nike varieties that will surely help them run faster and jump higher. I like that your girl is satisfied with Converse canvas high tops.

    • Oh yes! I agree with you. I remember growing up with my older brother. My parents used to complain about how expensive his shoes were. And as an adult, he still has expensive shoes 😉 Guess my parents are glad they don’t have to spend for him anymore. 😉

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Looks like it was a lovely shopping trip and those books look fab – hope Little T enjoys reading them. Glad that you managed to enjoy some time with family over half-term too 🙂

  4. I am totally with her on the book and converse fix! So nice when children really enjoy books – think it’s a sign of a decent imagination! Always feel sad when kids don’t enjoy a good story!

    • We’re really pleased that she shares the same passion for books. Hopefully, she won’t outgrow it 😉 x

  5. some of those books look great!! it is a shame living so far away from family so hopefully you’ll get to see more of them soon! loving the converses – we are shoe people :p

    • Thanks. Yes, some family members are scheduled to visit this year, so all good 🙂

  6. Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist)

    Little T sounds like my boy – he loves going shopping! It’s great that you got loads of books, you can never have too many x

    • Oh definitely, there’s always room for more books in our house… and looks like shoes too! 😉

  7. Ana De- Jesus

    My god she is like me as I have a huge shoe and book obsession! How old is she by the way?

  8. Absolutely nothing beats heading to the bookstore when on break and coming back with a bunch of new books. I’m loving it!

    • Definitey agree with you. Love browsing and of course coming home with a pile of books.

  9. Aww she has been spoilt! I love shoes but don’t indulge in them these days, its all about L! I love a good shopping trip for new clothes and shoes and fun things too!

    • Same here. Love shoes, but I’m afraid it’s all about the little one now, though I do treat myself every now and then too

  10. I do not have kids yet and God knows if I have a daughter I don’t want her to be obsessed with shoes and bags as I am because me and her father will go bankrupt before she is 18 lol but I do love my shoes (and bags)

    • Your comment made me chuckle 😉 I love shoes and bags too, but I’m afraid there’s only room for one “addict” in this family 😉

  11. Jolene monaghan

    love the choice of books!! i think you may have a mini rock chick on you hands (is this some thing to do with mummy,s love of eddie vedder xx) the converse are to die for… i have yet to get my 2 and a half year old a pair.. but give it time x its great that you get to see your own family soon x x

    • You made me laugh out loud with your Eddie Vedder comment (you remembered! 😉 No, I”m afraid it’s not my influence at all. She has makes her own choices 😉

  12. I’ve got a boy so shoes aren’t really top of mind…apart from the speed that he gets through school shoes. He’d live in wellies out of choice!

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