Magic Kisses

 Are you feeling poorly Mommy?

Yes, sweetie…

I replied from under the duvet with a slight temperature and the chills.

T bent over and kissed me.

There!  Are you feeling better already?

She asked me with a conviction only a two-year-old would have – that her kisses would make her mother better.

With a heavy head, but a heart full of love I mustered all the energy I had and  cheerfully answered …

Yes!  I am feeling so much better!

In fact mommy isn’t feeling poorly anymore!

Thank you for your magic kisses, sweetie.

I knew I over-did that bit, as soon as I finished with my last sentence, T blurted out:

Good!  Then you can play with me!


    • I’m better today, thanks! I guess her magic kisses worked! =) Btw, I blame the English weather for this. Hehe. Hope all is well on your side of the world too.

      • Pecora Nera

        We are fine, Mrs Sensible had flu but is getting better. Piemonte has had a weather warning… high winds and heavy rain. Last week the metal shed in the garden blew away not a small shed it was 12′ x 6′. We rescued the roof from the tree and reconstructed what was left. It is now 6′ x 6′

  1. thesecretfather

    D’oh! That’s a lovely little story! I hope you are feeling better…

  2. Awwww…. So cute… I hope you feel better. I am sure the kisses were magical.:)

    • Thanks! Yes, children have such faith all the time! Now if only we had that too =)

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