My Little School Girl

“Once she starts school, she’ll be out the door.  She’ll be gone!”  My husband said to me last year when we were deciding whether to send little T to school as a four-year-old or wait till she turned five.  You see, she just turned four a few weeks before school began and my husband just thought that she was way too young and opted to send her when she was five.

Too soon, for big school?

But I felt she was ready.  Why?  Because she was always eager to do new things, always eager to be with her friends and she always wanted more.  I used to be able to satisfy her with a few activities to do at home, but she seemed insatiable, spending three days at play-school didn’t seem enough for her anymore.  That’s why I decided she was definitely ready.

And when it came, the first few days were an emotional-roller-coaster ride for all of us.  She would cry as soon as we reached school and cling to my neck.  At one time, I even wondered – “Have I made a mistake?  Did I push my daughter even before she was ready for big school?”.  The thing is, yes she cried on the first day of class.  But the head teacher phoned us less than twenty-minutes later, to tell us that Little T was absolutely fine after about ten-minutes of tears, not wailing, just tears.  And yes, this crying and clinging unto mummy went on for about a week or so, but even before the second week was over, she was fine.  As if she decided to stop all nonsense and admit to herself “It’s not so bad.  In fact, I’m having so much fun with my friends!”

We started her off just staying half-days, and by the second week, she was staying the whole day!  And would eagerly look forward to school each day.  She absolutely loves it no.  She comes home and chats away and tells us about her friends, who did-what and what they did.

I am loving that she is loving it.  And not only that, she has learned a lot.  Before going to big-school, we never sat her down to “study” and learn letters or numbers.  We never bought her any flashcards.  Not because we couldn’t be bothered, but more because we wanted our child to just have fun.  We figured at her age, having fun is more important.  Exploring is more important.  Reading be it, just looking at her books, or reciting the stories she’s memorised and doing it just for the fun of it.  She could count big numbers, not because we taught her, but because she liked counting her toys one-by-one.

It’s been over a month now since she began “big-school, yes, we do still occasionally get the “I’m going to miss you mummy” as she steps out the door to go to school, or a hesitant-wave to her dad as she queues to go inside her class , but mostly it’s always excited babble to and fro from school and that makes us extremely happy and …

What about you?  Is your child loving school too?


  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    I am still having problems with my son. He loves school but not the eating lunches part. Today he cried because he deosnt like eating lunch and the teacher said she would eat with him to pacify him. I am also thinking if I made him go too early. He just turned 4 two months before stage 1 started. But I think he is still adjusting and hoprfully will settle in his new school soon. Happy that Little T is doing well. #wotw

    • Oh no, sorry to hear that. Have you tried alternating school dinners and packed-lunches? Just thought it might help … I’m sure he’ll settle soon! x

  2. hurrahforgin

    Lovely post Dean! We are both in the same boat with our very little schoolies but am delighted to hear Little T is getting on so very well. F has taken to it so much better than i could have hoped too x

    • Oh yes, little F’s birthday I think is just a few weeks before T’s, so he must be one of the youngest too. Good thing they are both settled 😉

  3. Kim Carberry

    Aww! You have every reason to be proud! It sounds like she’s doing so well!!
    My youngest started full time school about a week after her 4th birthday I was worried she was too young but she got stuck right in and loved it….

    • I guess as parents, we shouldn’t really let our fears take over us and just trust that our kids will be okay… and they always are! 😉

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    ok, I totally teared up, she is just the most beautiful girl with the most beautiful heart, and you and hubby Should be proud of such a wonderful girl.

    I too, have a kid that has a birthday just days/weeks before the start of term, and especially with boys, who mature slower than girls, every one suggested that I hold him back, but I couldn’t, my kid has been promoted 6 mo early at day care each and every time because he needs the challenge – and while there were some rough times where his maturity level made it challenging for us both, it has paid off in spades!

    • Thanks Kate! I guess I have to learn how to hush my fears and just go with my instincts. Just goes to show that mothers really know best 😉 Mr. T is growing-up to be a lovely young man – thanks to you!

  5. thereadingresidence

    Ah, this is a lovely post. So pleased to hear how well Little T’s settling in now, as I know you were concerned with her being so young. And that photo is just so adorable, beautiful girl x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. MummyBear'sBlog

    Aw, it sounds like she’s adapted very well, and what a lovely photo! #Wotw

  7. thenthefunbegan

    Ah, I’m glad your little girl is settling into school so well! She looks adorable in her uniform. We are getting to grips with big school too – sometimes I think it’s more traumatic for us mummies than it is for the kids! 🙂 X #wotw

  8. Life in the Wylde West

    she is so super adorable! It’s late for me but I saw T’s face and had to at least stop and say, she is ADORABLE. Will come back later to read.

  9. jojoka1963

    Eek this will be Lily in April. I think that she is more than ready for school (but are they ready for her?).
    Little T looks far to little to be in school. I’m sure once I see Lily in her uniform (ha, it will probably be a juvenile detention school!) I will look at her and think she is too small too x
    Little T is absolutely gorgeous x

    • She definitely is the smallest and youngest! 😉 I’m sure Lily will love school too and she’ll probably keep her teachers/school-friends entertained as well:)

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