Snapshots: 1095 Days

The following are random photos of my daughter taken from when she was a few days old to the present.

Three years of happy days, tired days, difficult days, fun days, sick days, filled with laughter days, filled with tears/whinges days, filled with cuddles and kisses days … But most of all 1095 days filled with absolute and pure love days.

Happy Birthday Little One!

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    • Thanks Uncle & Auntie Papol! Can’t wait for my present to arrive! =) I’m off to have a Birthday picnic with my best friend now. Skpye soon!

  1. afra willmore (@madmumof7)

    Gorgeous set of pictures and what a beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday

  2. Charly Dove

    Wow just wow. What an incredible collection of beautiful photos. Just wonderful. A really great memento for you too. Happy birthday! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  3. Happy, happy birthday to little T! Beautiful photos. I’m tearing up a bit. :’)

  4. cara greenfield

    This Is really lovely. I recently done a photobook for my sons 3rd birthday and brought back so many gorgeous memorys. Such beautiful photography too…

    Cara x

  5. That picture with her in the floral raincoat snooping around Sylvia Plath’s grave… PRECIOUS!

    Happy birthday, Tammy. Do let us know if you’ve received our little package!


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