This week Little T is learning …


I’m sure she’s not the only little one who wakes up everyday and asks “Is it Christmas yet?”  Followed by “Is it tomorrow then?” which is funny, because you’d think by using advent calendars, they would get the gist of how many days more till the most festive day of the year.

Everyday, we smile and say “Not yet, sweetie” Followed by “It’s ____ more days before Christmas.

And there’s also the incessant interrogation MI5 or the CIA would be proud of: “Do I have presents under the tree?  Did you buy me a Christmas present mummy?  Can I open my Christmas presents now mummy?  Is this present mine mummy?”

This happens every single bloody day.  You would think she’d get tired of asking, but no!  The questions never shorten, there are days the litany seems even longer.

Five more days to go! …

How are you guys holding on?


  1. thereadingresidence

    Remain patient, you are nearly there! Boo’s actually working with her advent calendar, so we’re OK here! We’ve also various things lined up over the next few days which means she’s looking forward to those, too. Little Man just knows there will be presents at some point!! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    hahahahahaha! Okay, so yesterday was an unexpectedly busy day for me – and I was out of the house for hours longer than anticipated – and as I was pulling in Mr. T’s girlfriend was texting me he went and bought a present she knows I got him, so she may have made it sound like she got it for him.

    And as I am reading and responding to that, here comes Mr. T telling me how he may have accidentally discovered what his girlfriend got him for Christmas because he bought a game and then had to return it.

    And I was all ‘Why did you buy something that you put on your Christmas list?? You know the rules, once it’s on the list you can’t buy it for yourself until after the holiday!!”

    And he was all “I know, I know, I returned it!!”

    And I was all texting his girlfriend that how funny it was going to be when he gets his gift from her and it’s NOT the game.

    And then when he gets the gifts from me on Christmas Eve and it’s NOT the game

    Cause Santa is the one bringing this gift! 🙂

    So, no, it’s not the same, but then again – it kinda is! LOL

  3. Kim Carberry

    Hang on in there…The big day will be here before we know it!
    Have a wonderful Christmas & all the best for 2015 x

  4. Iona@redpeffer

    We have the same here-our 4 year old is asking everyday when will it be Christmas!

  5. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    I have this constant question in here as well ‘is it Christmas yet?’

    Which is fun. He would always say ‘awwww not yet?’ But the excitement building up is showing in his face and its so much fun to see him if I answer that question with a YES!

    Looking forward to seeing that face & I am sure you are too with T =)


  6. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    Oh dear, I guess it’s the Christmas equivalent of are we nearly there yet? Hope when it does arrive you all have a fab time, but what’s the betting that that’s the day she sleeps in!

  7. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    This made me smile, my daughter has been exactly the same, less articulate, but the gist of it is the same 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Christmas when it comes xx

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