Too early?

A few Sundays ago, T came in from her weekly swimming with her Dad and her best-friend F.  The husband announces that F was coming over for some play-time.  Like a lovestruck teenager, T wanted to wait for F by the window.

Come and have some lunch first before F arrives.

No!  I want to wait for my F by the window.

You’re not allowed to have friends over unless you eat your lunch first!

As soon as I say that, I turn to my husband and say “Hang on, isn’t it a bit too early to be having this conversation?  She’s only two for goodness sake not thirteen!”  The husband shrugs.

A few weeks ago we bought T some bath crayons so she could doodle in our shower wall while having her bath.  She usually asks me to draw hearts and as soon as I’ve done it, she would giggle and erase it quickly.  She’d say to me, “Your hearts are gone Mom!” and give me a cheeky grin.

Last night, I thought it would be no different.  So without her asking, I drew some hearts on our shower wall.  She however, ignors them so before taking her out I say:  “Can you erase the hearts please?”


Don’t you want to help Mom?

No.  That’s your problem. (giggling)

 What did you say?

That’s your problem. (giggling)

Instead of saying “That’s not the way to speak to your mother” I start laughing and she starts giggling again.  I repeat the conversation with my husband and we both wonder where she’s learned to say things like that.  We absolutely have no idea.

Our daughter is turning three this August.  But sometimes, it feels like she’s turning thirteen!

I think I need to ask TIME to slow down just a wee bit slower.

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