Tamsin with her bestfriend, Filip watching TV after her party.

And just like that, my baby turned two over a month ago.  How time flies!  Where did it all go?  I used to say to my husband, I can’t wait till she’s old enough to talk and tell me how she feels.  She did just that, the other day.  She said “don’t shout mom”.

We were on our way home after shopping and doing some errands.  We stopped at a garage to get some fuel, Tamsin in her car-seat was drinking apple juice.  She took the straw out and handed it back to me saying –

 ‘Put it back Mommy”.

Thinking she was asking me to put the straw back, I did just that and then handed it back to her.  She shouted and said again “Put it back Mommy” a couple of times more.

Getting a bit cross, I also raised my voice (yes, I am embarrassed about this) and said “What do you want Tamsin?”

She answered, “Don’t shout mom”.

That’s when I realized she meant, she was really done with her juice and didn’t want it anymore.  Therefore, she wanted me to “put it back”.   Where did my little baby go?

And then the other night, she went inside her room stared at all her toys on the floor and exclaimed, “What a bloody mess”.

My daughter just turned two!  What will she be like at three? Four? Five?

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