Pet Stories

Little Steps isn’t all about T or me, or life in England,  I’ve decided to dedicate a page to two important members of our little family.

Meet Boots, our one-year-old rescue cat.

She’s the boss.

She doesn’t like cuddles, and only tolerates petting from her human (T) but not more than a few seconds.

She also likes having nightly-adventures

but spends the whole day sleeping, usually on the top of the stairs.

Doc as a pup.

He is a Bedlington Terrier x Springer Spaniel.

He is playful.

Loves to nibble on slippers.

Loves cuddles, especially when it lasts more than just a couple of minutes.

– Doc’s Bestfriend

– Explaining Dog Years to a Five Year-Old

– Of the Leash: An Autumn Walk with Doc

– The Curious Incident of Doc

– My Malibu

– A Crime Scene

– What the Dog Fears

– The Other Family

    – Wanted:  Have you seen this woman?

– No longer the Disgruntled Doc-Walker

– Little T and Doc explore Forrarbury

– Gone Boots:  Dumped by a cat

– Boots the Prodigal Cat

– Grab the Stick

– Life Lessons from Doc

–  Oops, I did it again (A Love Story)

– The Missing Cat

– All About the Cows

– Naughty Doc

– That Dog

– T says goodbye to Doc

– A Tale of Two Dogs

– What Happened Next

– An Adventure Gone Bad

– Dog Love

– What’s the story behind this photo?

– Boots and Little T with her new bike

– Before the Rain

– Little T, Doc and the cows

– Rock Pool Adventures with Doc and Little T

– Why Can’t I?

– At the Football Field

– An Afternoon at the Playground

– My Sunday Photo:  Boots, the silly cat

– Doggie Heaven

– Doc goes to the beach

– Three is a crowd

– Jumping up and down in muddy puddles

– What’s up Doc?

– Two of Us

– Doc goes to Play school

– Cat like a Dog

– Summer is here, I think

– In my past life, I was a dog

– A Killer in our Midst

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