A month ago …

… we sold and left the house we’ve lived in for eight years.  The house where we took little T home from the hospital in Exeter and I was too scared to bathe her, I feared accidentally dropping her in the water.  She had her first birthday in that house.  We celebrated it with the just the three of us.  I baked a cake and we bought her, her first toddler bike.  Little T said she misses it.  “I have lots of memories in that house mum” said my nearly six-year-old little girl.  She asked me if I miss it.  Oddly, I don’t.  I feel a bit guilty saying that, especially like T mentioned, we have so many good memories in that house.  But we’ve outgrown it and I knew it was time to move on.  When you know that it’s time, there is just no turning back, isn’t it?

And now we’re here in the new house.  It’s only been a month and yet, I feel like we’ve been here for ages.   Already these photos look like a fading memory – how weird is that?

We slept on our mattress on the floor on our first night, as you can see, Boots was settled in even on the very first day of the move.

This was little T’s bedroom on that very first day.

And the conservatory.

The house is now looking more like our house right now, there are hardly any boxes in the rooms anymore, well except for the boot room and the conservatory.  It still looks a bit like a dumping ground.  But with lesser things and you can now actually see the floor.

There are still pictures and a few paintings to hang.  We’re getting there slowly.  As mentioned on the previous posts, our pets are settled, little T loves it, albeit missing the old house.  My husband loves his study and likes that all his history books are in one room, easy for him to work now.  He may be a historian, the irony though is that he doesn’t like old houses.  He prefers modern houses that look like boxes, with walls of glass windows all around.  That sort.  Every time he bangs his head in the eaves (and he isn’t that tall, just average), I hear him curse the house.  He dislikes the creaky floor boards and uneven floors.  I love them all.

And yet, he loves the space we have here.  As mentioned, he loves that he can work easily now.  He likes the big garden and the fact that he can finally have his vegetable garden we’ve been talking about for the longest time.  He likes that we can invite friends for dinner and not have to eat with our plates on our laps because our table and kitchen is too small.  He loves that T can invite friends and they have so much room to run around like loonies in the garden.  Same with our pets.  I guess you could say, he loves what the house has brought to us.  We are now making so many good memories and it’s only been a month!

What about you?

Do you prefer old houses with character and so much history behind it or shiny new modern houses straight out of one of those architectural magazines?

Do share.

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  1. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    We have a 1900 Victorian house and I absolutely love it. My husband hates it but seeing as the ceiling coving fell down the other day I can see why. It is a doer upper but it will be worth it in the end!

    • I love Victorian houses and doer-uppers! Our is 400-years-old, don’t really have the budget to do anything with it at the moment, but hopefully soon. The upstairs bathroom needs new flooring.

    • What’s it with men and modern houses? Never ever want to go through selling and buying houses ever again!

    • I love old houses with character 🙂 But yes, I understand about liking a modern kitchen and bathroom. Our upstairs bathroom needs new flooring!

  2. I love older style homes as they have character but also tend to be bigger than newer homes. We currently rent a new build which we are out growing as its so small.
    joanna recently posted…Wicked Uncle ToysMy Profile

    • And I noticed, older homes also have bigger gardens, don’t they? We’ve also outgrown our previous homes, though we probably wouldn’t have moved if it were just me and my husband. x

    • It has in a way… but in other ways, we’re doing pretty much the same thing … apart from always being outdoors 😉

  3. Fashion and Style Police

    I love shiny new modern houses a lot more than old houses.

  4. Ana De- Jesus

    I like old houses with character, it must have been hard leaving the house you made so many memories in. I have moved so many times I don’t know where to call home.
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Boohoo Suede Campaign Part 2My Profile

    • Funnily enough I don’t miss the old house at all. My daughter does though. x

    • You’re right. And yes, love the conservatory. Now if only we can finally get it sorted out, would be great too 😉

    • An old house was always on the top of my list when we were looking. Feel really lucky to live here 🙂

  5. Mudpie Fridays

    I’m with you all the way our house is coming up 100 years old. We have finally accepted the fact that at somepoint in the next few years we will have to move though as with two boys we will out grow it. Trouble is finding something we love as much! Glad you are on and settled xx
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…National Trust – BatemansMy Profile

    • It took us over four years to finally do the move (from putting the house up on sale, three disastrous house-sales going pfft, finding a house and accepting an offer). Thank goodness it’s done. Hope you guys won’t have to go through all that 🙂 xx

  6. I much prefer houses with a bit of character. Although I’d love to live in a barn conversion. I’m glad you’re all settled in now. It’s so strange leaving a place you’ve built so many memories, but it’s good to hear you’ve settled in now. x
    Chloe recently posted…CURIOUS LITTLE EXPLORERS #21My Profile

    • Barn conversions are just great, aren’t they? Love seeing them on tv.

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