And Spring finally Sprung … I think …

This post has been sitting in my drafts for about a couple of weeks now and I think I’ve just jinxed it.  As I type this I can feel my hands cold, because we’ve switched off our central heating weeks ago.. after all it’s supposed to be Spring and it’s the second day of May for goodness sake!  Who has their heating on in May???

Have I really jinxed this?  All because I’ve left this in my draft for some time now?  Apologies.  Things have been a bit manic in my life lately.  I’m busy trying to tick off a list that has been on for the longest time.  But let me remind you what the weather was like about two weeks ago…

It was absolute bliss.  I even managed to hang some laundry out.  We haven’t done this since last year!  And that to me is a win.

Is it sad that watching my laundry hung out to dry in a warm day like this make me happy?  Does it?  If you say to me “You need to get a life woman”  My reply would be “But this is my life and I’m content and watching my laundry dry in the sun does make me happy. You ought to try it”.  Small joys, you know.

Sitting on lounge chairs, with the sound of wind chimes being blown gently by the wind, watching my laundry dry in the sun and little T, sitting beside me eating her lunch with Doc sniffing around, hoping she’d drop a piece of bread, so he could snatch it, is what I call a perfect day to me.

Occasionally, you’d also hear the mooing of the cow in the nearby field and the distant sound of a tractor and the farmer’s dogs in the distance.  I’m hoping someday little T will remember this day, of how she put on what she called a “show” for her mum while standing on her swing, which was really more like a monologue of what I would call “the ramblings of a seven-year-old” I really should’ve recorded it.

Even Doc seemed happy and content that day.  Oh please bring back the warm days, we really don’t want to switch our heating on again.

What about you?

What’s the weather/temperature like on your side of the world?


  1. Lovely photos although looking out of my window right now you may well have jinxed it ha! It’s back to grey wintery looking days here at the moment.

    • Dean B

      Thanks… Oh my goodness, sorry for the jinx! Hahaha. Weather has actually improved on our end, the sun is out! But still cold. Brrr.

  2. Lauren Davis

    This looks like the perfect day! I wish Spring would stay longer than a day though!!

    • Dean B

      Same here and I’m also hoping that we’ll get a “proper” spring!

  3. Am so glad that Spring is finally here. Just hope it stays for the bank holiday weekend!

    • Dean B

      If the weather forecast doesn’t change, I think we’re supposed to have some good days here 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  4. Haha I thought it had sprung too but now it has gotten all cold and rainy again – urgh! Still this weekend is looking good.

    • Dean B

      Our weekend forecast is also looking good. Fingers crossed it won’t change!

  5. Jay Maloney

    Same here in the Northeast US. We had an unusually long and cold April, but finally we are getting sun and warm temps. Cheers!

    • Dean B

      Oh good for you guys! It’s still a bit chilly here… but hoping for the best! 🙂

  6. Cathy Glynn

    Such lovely photos. Fingers crossed that the weather is good this weekend, I have so much to do in the garden x

    • Dean B

      Thank you. The weather forecast is looking good here in Cornwall over the weekend. Hopefully it stays the same.

  7. Sonia Cave

    Hanging the washing out for me is a good day too!! I think we are creeping into spring here finally…getting a lot more sunshine but could do with it being a little warmer

  8. Treasure Every Moment

    Oh I’m with you – it’s been so nice these few days we’ve had of warmer and sunnier weather. Long may it continue 🙂

    • Dean B

      It’s actually been bad here but it’s slowly improving. Hopefully the warmer days will stay 🙂

  9. It was you that jinxed it, wasn’t it? Looks like its on its way back now

  10. Helen Wills

    Lol, I also get excited about the laundry when the weather is nice!

  11. Cath - BattleMum

    We’ve had lots of rain here in Portugal during March and April but the sun (I think) is finally starting to make an appearance… Finally. It’s long overdue here I can tell you x

  12. Love your photos . It’s lovely to finally be able to capture light instead of dull ones isn’t it 🙂

  13. Stephanie

    This weekend is going to be so nice and I can’t wait. I was naughty and put the heating on when it was chilly!!!

    • Dean B

      We actually did put the heating on for a while a day or so ago :):)

    • Thanks for saying that 🙂 And yes, it is after all the unpredictable British weather 🙂 x

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