Celebrating Summer

While it’s scheduled to rain in the next few days, a few parents and us, got together for an impromptu BBQ at the beach yesterday to celebrate the arrival of summer.

It was absolute bliss!

Let me show you what it was like:

Little T skipping on the beach.

Here’s hoping that this is just the beginning of more beachy weather to come!


  1. Pecora Nera

    I am glad summer has arrived for you. We had very bad gales last week. On Tuesday we had a large metal garage on the land, on Wednesday the garage was hone but we did had what looked like a large meccano set strewn all over the place.

    • Dean B

      Thanks, the question is – will it last? Hopefully, it will. Anyway, I hope nothing else was damaged and that “you’ve” managed to clear up the mess! =p

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