Cows: Life in the Country

You know you live in the country when the first thing you hear in the morning is the loud and aggressive mooing of Theo the bull, who likes to threaten the other bull, somewhere in another field… goodness knows where.  They like to holler to one another, I’m guessing they say a lot of “I’m bigger than you” in cow lingo.  I could be wrong of course, for all you know, cows are also like people, who like to talk about the weather…

I felt really sorry for the cows when were having unusual weather a few months ago.  The appearance of the beast from the East… twice, meant that they were unable to come out and were stuck in their barns.  When the snow finally cleared up and we all thought that Spring was finally on it’s way, it was the rains that came and made the surrounding farm land too wet and soggy for the cows.  When I heard the first moo in the field behind our house, I was really pleased to hear that they were back outside.  Not sure they were pleased to see us, especially our annoying dog Doc who likes to bark at them.

I’ve especially been spying on the mama cows and their calves.  I just find it so endearing the way they’re so protective of their young.  I guess all mothers are the same regardless of species and the thought just really warms my heart.  I can sit for hours just watching them.

At the moment, we have scaffolding all over our house.  We’ve had really bad damp and mould over the winter and we’re hoping the builder will be able to fix this.  When he is gone, I like to go up there and watch the cows.

I saw this mama and her calf a few days ago.  They were really near the back of our house.  This mama was actually standing a few feet away from her calf, but as soon as she saw me she quickly walked towards her young and gave me a bellow as if to say “You come near my baby and I’ll break your bones”.

I just sat there and watched from above.  I don’t think she liked my presence at all.  She stopped threatening me but turned to her young as if to say “Let’s move on.  I don’t trust that woman up there”.  Her baby which I’m guessing was just a day or so old, judging from it’s unsteady steps, just ignored the mum.  I guess the young are also the same regardless of species, they like to ignore their parents.  After more bellowing the calf eventually moved towards its mother.

And as soon as her baby was near her, like all mothers, she jostled her little one to get a move on.

And just like that, they left me watching them.


  1. These photos take me back to growing up in Norfolk where you couldn’t drive anywhere without going past some friendly looking farm animals!

  2. Aw, the baby cow looked so sweet – you can tell he was unsteady on his feet! We definitely don’t live in the countryside – we get woken up by police sirens ha

    • Oh yes, crazily enough, I do miss city sounds, even the police siren 😉

  3. Laura - Dear Bear and Beany

    Ah that calf is so cute. Holly has a thing for cows and we are often going out to hunt for them x

    • I’m actually scared of them. A close friend of mine had a bad experience with a cow when she was heavily pregnant with her youngest.

  4. Laura Dove

    Ahh these are gorgeous photos! I love being in the country and seeing the cows at the end of our road each morning! So lovely!

  5. Newcastle Family Life

    It must be lovely living so close to be able to watch the cows in the fields around your home x

  6. Fashion and Style Police

    I love the idea of living in the countryside like this. Looks amazing. The kids would love being close to farm animals.

  7. Oh how incredible . I am definately a nature kinda gal and the baby calf definately pulled in my heart strings 🙂

  8. I love visiting the countryside especially at this time of year.

  9. Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog

    Its really lovely how the mummy cows are protecting their young, sounds like you had a good viewing point x

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