Easter Break: Two Little Girls and a Beach

On Monday, T and her friends go back to school.  This Easter break was all about visiting and spending time with family up in the Midlands for us.  We also had a lovely short city-break at Birmingham where we were lucky enough to watch the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain perform at the beautiful Symphony Hall in Birmingham.  T was absolutely enthralled just watching them play, especially the cellos.  We think she was very much inspired by them.

And so we’re back in the sticks, where our life consists mainly of play-dates and impromptu trips to the beach after the husband is done with his work.  It’s lovely now because Spring seems to have sprung out of the depths of wherever it was hiding when Winter overstayed its stay.  Temperature has risen and it’s possible once again to walk on the beach without looking like an Eskimo or a North Pole explorer out for a ride with his wolf-dogs.  And so the husband went out with shorts and sandals …

I must admit.  I wasn’t as brave as him.  I still came out with a coat (although to be fair, a much lighter one), and the kids were also in hoodies and wellies.

And so we found ourselves on our favourite local beach, Sandymouth which I’ve mentioned more than a dozen of times on this blog.  I can’t repeat myself enough, it really is a must-visit beach if ever you find yourself in North Cornwall, especially with kids in tow.

The two girls decided that it was way more fun to walk around in bare feet even on a pebbly beach, so they plonked themselves on a drift-wood and took their wellies off, before deciding to try to climb the many interesting rock formations found on the beach.

Why do kids never listen to you when you tell them not to do something?  I told them not to climb higher, they ignored me.  And so I said, “If you get stuck, you’ll have to spend the night there, because I’m not climbing up there to get you down”.  Thankfully that worked and they slowly made their way down again and joined the husband exploring by the rock pools.  He found them a little crab to play with before setting it free.

We love it here.  It’s perfect for a long walk on the beach, especially when the tide is low. There are lots of rock pools to discover which both my husband and T love.

We ended the day with the two girls, walking back with their beach find of the day …. driftwood.

What about you?

How was your Easter break?



  1. Nikki Thomas

    That does look really lovely, I must admit that I have only ever been to North Devon once, just outside Westward Ho and it was really lovely, so I would definitely go back again and explore the area more.

  2. Stephanie

    This looks like a lovely beach, love the fact they climbed up the rocks!! We haven’t explore Cornwall, it looks so lovely and a lovely day out together at the beach

  3. Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog

    Love your rockpooling antics! We made it too the beach too and with weather getting better this week we can’t wait to explore more! Lovely photos x

    • Thank you. We’re hoping to be able to visit the beach more especially since the weather has improved 🙂

  4. This is my idea of a wonderful day out. We love the beach and plan on visiting Cornwall this summer!

  5. Today was beautiful here and if it hadn’t been changeover I’d have headed out to the beach. Tucked away in the valley here it really was warm. This post is making me want to visit at our next chance, I think it is last year since I had my shoes off on the sand and I’m ready to do it again! The girls clearly thought it was warm enough.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona recently posted…Homeward Bound in April ShowersMy Profile

    • Oh yes, you definitely have to visit Sandymouth soon. It isn’t that far away from Coombe Mill:)

  6. Newcastle Family Life

    That looks like such a great beach to explore and have fun at. Lovely photos x

  7. Ah love the footprints in the sand! Is it me or does it look like they’re printed on top of the sand?

    The beach looks great – I have the opposite with my daughter, she has to go onto the sand/sea with shoes on otherwise she kicks up quite a stink… city girl… but oh my feet felt that 🙂


    • Now that you’ve mentioned it, they do look like they’ve printed on the sand 🙂

  8. Linda Hobbis

    We love Cornwall and those rock formations look very familiar. We haven’t visited Sandymouth though. We’ve just finished our Easter hols and aside from a weekend at Butlins didn’t do much as both the kids came down with Slapped Cheek and had to be quarantined!

  9. What a beautiful place for beautiful photos! Looks like a great Easter break…

    Popping over from #CountryKids x

  10. Honey @ The Girl Next Shore

    This looks fantastic! I love a good beach and I was like the girls when I was a kid, too (ie my mummy would tell us not to go through caves etc and we still did). I really wish there were more beaches like this near London!

    • Same here and I always tell T, not getting up there if she gets stuck!

  11. What a lovely day at the beach, so much to see and do and even some wildlife thrown in -my girls love crabbing! Sunshine too – what a bonus. #CountryKids

  12. Sara | mumturnedmom

    What a beautiful beach, those rocks look like a lot of fun to climb on. Looks like a lovely day, I wish spring would show more of it’s face here! And, there always has to a stick, doesn’t there. Albeit a rather large one 🙂 #countrykids

    • Yes, to sticks, especially large ones 😉 Hope winter has left on your side of the world, although I really did enjoy your snow photos. Beautiful!

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