To someone who comes from South East Asia, the term “faggot” is used in a derogatory manner or out of anger – a bad word.  Here in England faggots are a traditional food, a delicacy that looks a lot like meatballs and is usually made of ground meat of pork heart, liver and bacon mixed together with bread crumbs, served with mash, peas and a good helping of gravy.

We have a very good butcher near our village and when my husband saw these home-made faggots, he bought them and excitedly showed me his purchase.  I wasn’t looking forward to our dinner.  You see, I don’t like the taste of liver.  I ended up only eating the mash and peas.  Tamsin liked the faggots.


    • Well they do use the slang “fag” for cigs yes. Steve says in public schools they also use the term “fag” in public schools (well, what we know as private schools) as a younger student, like doing “fagging” duties – a younger student acting like a servant to an older one.

  1. So, it is a multi-meaning slang. The last one “fagging for someone” sounds more like an idiom.

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