Five Fun Activities to do on a beach when you're Four

Summer certainly feels like it has finally come.  Although of course we still do have days when it rains and it actually feels more like autumn than summer, but then again, this is England.  It rains in every season, that’s just the way it is.

We had a close friend stay with us during the break in May and we took her to New Polzeath beach.  When you’re four years-old, the sea is still a bit off-limits to you, unless you’re wearing a wet suit, then you can probably do belly-boarding with your parents.  But since little T has outgrown her suit and we haven’t bought a new one for her, she had to content herself with playing in the sand or:

1.  Play or splash-about in the little pools.

When the tide has ebbed, it leaves lovely little pools perfect for little ones to have a play-on.  Some of them are deep enough for a little swim, and some are perfect for splashing around as seen on the picture below.

2.  Meet and make new friends.

And of course, just like swimming pools, these little body of water are perfect for meeting and making new friends.

Little T and her new-found friend played together for a few hours.  Chasing each other around and just lolling around the little pools chatting.  It was lovely to watch them, isn’t this what summer memories should be all about?

3.  Eat ice-cream

If you’ve visited any beach in Cornwall, seeing a Kelly Whip Cornish ice-cream van on the beach is a typical scene around here.  And of course, when it’s there, you must not miss the chance to eat your favourite flavoured ice-cream, it’s all part of being on the beach, you see, especially on a Cornish beach.

4.  Make a sandcastle or a sand sculpture.

But if you’re as creative and as artistic as our close friend S, instead of a sandcastle, why not make a seahorse instead?

And here’s little T with her creative/craft/arty Auntie S, making a sea-horse sculpture which she aptly named Curl.

They used sea-weed to decorate Curl and an ice-cream cap and some shells for her eyes.

5.  Watch the tide come in.

And lastly, wait and watch the tide come in to take your sea-horse back home again.

Little T and her Auntie S watching the tide come in.

And from the top of the hill, we watched Curl slowly disappear.  In little T’s head, she was waving goodbye to her and saying “Thank you little T for releasing me back into the sea”.

What about you?

What are you favourite things to do on the beach?


  1. roweeee

    Dean, I loved that seahorse. It was fabulous. The beach here is cooling down. I am still walking the dogs most weekdays and the sun is out and it’s been quite beautiful , even though the wind has been chilly.
    I took my kids to the beach after school the other day and they climbed over some huge rocks and Mister ended up getting stuck on a ledge and turned the whole thing into an incredible drama before coming down. Then, Miss got stuck in a cave. I was starting to get a bit frazzled by this point and then my son took off in one of his moods. I am trying to get him away from electronics and enjoying the outdoors and some sun. I think he’s gone into hibernation mode. xx Rowena

    • In spite the “little” drama, you’ve described what sounded like a lovely time at the beach 🙂 Hope your son’s mood improves, I try to limit T’s use of the iPad and watching dvd too. I always try to distract her with an activity outside the house, even if it means doing something in our little garden 🙂 xx

      • roweeee

        Yes, I am in distraction mode but am realising this is hard work too both in terms of thinking up activities and having things prepared ahead. It reminds me of my efforts to occupy them before they went off to school xx Rowena

        • I know what you mean… Good thing with little T, distracting her with paints and drawing always does the trick. I have a feeling this won’t last though. x

  2. What a fun day of adventure at the beach! I love the seahorse sculpture. Visiting from Country Kids.

  3. Coombe Mill

    I wonder if I was there too when you visited? New Polzeath is our regular beach and we made a couple of trips in half term as the waves were lovely and the tide right. I love your sea sculpture, that’s a new one for us to try. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  4. South of the Strait

    I love to get in the surf, but it looks a bit cool to do that there.
    I lived walking distance from the ocean for 16 years and loved it (when it wasn’t raining and windy) and spend many days playing with the stuff the ocean brought to the land.

  5. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    That seahorse was insane! Totally loved it! And I’m glad there are little “pools” that can be played in, I couldn’t imagine being at the water and not being able to get in… but I guess when you have such easy access, it makes it different for y’all! 🙂 Looks like you are making awesome summer memories, and that’s just the way it should be!

  6. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    The sea horse is amazing! What a fun and creative thing to do. We do lots of splashing, digging and collecting ‘things’ when we’re on the beach x

    • Curl the seahorse was certainly amazing! Our friend S is an artist 🙂 x

  7. MummyTravels

    I love that seahorse! My daughter is a bit younger and doesn’t have the patience for anything intricate yet but pools and building sandcastles (and squashing sandcastles) will entertain her for hours.

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