Getting ready for All Hallow's Eve

Before T, we never used to celebrate Halloween and saw it as one of those commercialised over-rated events like Valentine’s Day or even Easter.  But with a young child of course, celebrations like All Hallow’s is definitely a must-do! For the little ones everything to do with Halloween is exciting, from picking pumpkins, choosing costumes, making sure there’s enough treats and of course, decorating the house, or even just dressing up your window is a fun-filled activity for them. Admittedly, I like the sprucing-up-your- window bit and dressing up my three-yearold in silly-cheap costumes.

There’s T helping me clean the pumpkins out.  At first she was hesitant to put her hand inside, but when I showed her what to do, she was all game, although of course, after awhile, she said You do it Mum!

And here she is is by the window arranging her carved out pumpkins along with the two little lanterns we got from the supermarket.

Tonight she’ll be dressed as a blood-sucking vampire.  I wish I could say that I made it, but no, as much as I would’ve loved to have made it, I chose the easy way out – bought her a costume in the shop.  She’s too young to go trick-or-treating, but hopefully next year, she’ll be able to.  This year instead, she’ll excitedly wait for the doorbell to ring and greet the children in her costume.  Hopefully, this time she won’t hide behind my legs but give out the treats herself.  I’m also wishing for the kids sake that it won’t rain.  But then again, this is England.

Have a safe Halloween everyone!


  1. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Love the little lanterns! So very cute! And, at that age, I’m a big believer in the store-bought costumes! You can’t beat the price and ease of picking one up! I hope she enjoys seeing the kids tonight!

    • Thank you for saying that about the costumes Kate, because I feel a bit guilty about choosing the easy-way-out. I’m actually envious of mom’s who make their kids costumes. I wish I could do that!

      • Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

        I’ve felt that way in the past and got over it really quick. When it came down to how I wanted to spend my time, slaving over a costume was not even in the top 100! I’d rather get in and out for less money and have the extra time to spend on the fun parts!

  2. Life in the Wylde West

    I love the reflection shot of little T in the window and her Mum in the reflection! So GOOD! She will have so much fun handing out candy and seeing all the costumes that pop by. This year we ware skipping it all together as my older boys have lost interest and our littlest and only girl is just happy celebrating her daddy’s birthday tonight.

    • Oh hope he’s having a great birthday! 🙂 Good luck on your art show btw 🙂

  3. hurrahforgin

    I wanna see her costume!
    I took F to two neighbours houses to Trick or Treat but he thought it was much fun handing the sweets out at home.
    Funny how much Halloween has changed, it was almost a total non event when i was a kid x

    • Will post a photo soon! 🙂 I saw your little ones costumes and they both looked absolutely adorable. Actually, you guys all did! 🙂 Aww.. At least F was able to go trick or treating, we might do it next year hopefully with F (T’s best-friend). x

  4. She is adorable!

    Hey, it rained hard here the whole day. For right now the rain had stopped. Let’s see if it stays that way until tonight when “creatures,” desirables and undesirables, come out to trick or treat. We’re staying home to study. Haha

  5. Charly Dove

    What fabulous photos Dean, it looks like T had a good time after getting used to the pumpkins! The lanterns are lovely too. We had a pizza dinner with our crafty bits which was nice, hope you all had fun 🙂

    • Thanks Charly! Yes T had so much fun answering the door. Too bad though we didn’t have much trick or treaters this year, unlike the last one. Like I said, we’ve go so much left-over sweets which I’m hiding from her.:) Loved your craft bits too! I wish I were crafty! 😉

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