How to Chase the Winter Blues Away

Woke up the other day thinking it was still night time, but it wasn’t of course, I reminded myself that it was winter, dreary-cold-bloody winter.  That was enough to make me brood.

What do you do when the winter blues comes rearing its ugly head at you?

Me?  Like I mentioned already I watch my favourite comedy show and laugh my head off.  But I have another secret and I know some of you might find me a bit loopy with this confession of mine.  Anyway, ever since I was a kid, every time I felt the need to escape, I’d always retreat back to the movies in my mind.  Sometimes I re-live something in my past, other times I’d imagine I was somewhere else, or even someone else.  Here’s how:

Choose a Memory

Here in England, whenever I’m feeling cold, not necessarily down, I switch on to movie mode.  Sometimes, I remember my time in Ghana, what the heat was like while waiting for a shared taxi under the heat of the African sun.  Then I move further away, back into my childhood memories, of summers spent in my grandmother’s house, how we used to lie on the roof hoping the wind will cool us down from the heat of the sun.

Now try to hold that memory in your head for as long as you can and remember every detail.  The sweat forming on your skin, did you feel faint?  What did you do to cool yourself down?


And if your memory fails you like it does sometimes, use your imagination instead.  Think of yourself on a warm beach on a tropical country, somewhere.  Me?  I’m back in my country, island-hopping with family in Caramoan.

The sand is white and warm beneath my feet, even the water is warm and clear, so clear I can see the starfish on the bottom.

This isn’t a figment of my imagination by the way, it did happen and those photos were taken in 2010 during a family vacation back home.  Lovely isn’t it?

Make it Real

And if those photos have made you feel envious and the need for warmth and the sun and you’re lucky enough to be able to afford the time and money to make your imagination real, go online and search for cruise deals.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find one.

As for the rest of us who can only imagine or remember the last time we were on a tropical island, the movies in our minds will have to do … at least for now.

This is a sponsored post. 

(Words and photos are my own)


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