Mist & Fog

Our little village is covered in a grey and wet blanket once again.  While it isn’t really raining hard, it’s been drizzling all morning.  Just to give you an idea, see forecast below:

And tomorrow is even worse: Fog, mist and white cloud the whole day.

Looks like the sun has gone on holiday this week.  Lucky, lucky old sun.  The memory of last Friday’s picnic has now disappeared in the grey.  Thank goodness for pictures!  I have proof that it did happen.

Yes, I am obsessed with the weather.  Back home, I didn’t really pay much attention to it.  It is always sunny, though of course it rains too.  But the sun would only go for coffee breaks and always come back to its post.  Here in England, i i’s different.  The sun always seems to be on a perpetual break.  You’d think by now the sun would get into trouble with the boss, whoever that is – is very tolerant.  Now excuse me while I convince my daughter to hide under the duvet with me.

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  1. Pecora Nera

    I can’t believe it is not raining! Are you sure? Nip outside and check. It is raining in Sunny Italy so it must be raining in the UK.

    PS. You have just been awarded the Bacon Butty Award (For any Canadians, that are reading this, it is a Bacon Sandwich) The rules are very complex you have to create a post on the meaning of life and send a Bacon Butty to 17 bloggers, including me.

    • It’s still just a drizzle… But it’s been drizzling since this morning!

      Thank you so much for the Bacon Butty Award, especially since T and I have just enjoyed one. All I can think about now is having another one, the meaning of life and the 17 bloggers can wait. Hang on… But first, I award you Bacon Butty Award back =)

      • Pecora Nera

        Oh very funny…. thanks a lot.. 🙂

        I think one of the rules is the nominee cannot nominate the nominator. I know that sounds like gobbledygook, but I know what I mean. So you owe me a bacon butty.

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