Picnic at Bedruthan Steps

The BBC weather forecast predicted lovely sunshine weather last Friday and I’m glad to say that they did not disappoint us.  Indeed, the sun was up and shining when we woke up and managed to stay radiating with all its glory all through out the day.  A picnic was definitely in the offing.  One thing I’ve really learned about living here in England is to grab these moments by the neck.  You’ll never know when the sun will be out again, not even in the summer, or might I say, especially in the summer.

Bedruthan steps like all coastlines here in England is rugged, wild, dramatic and beautiful.  It is located within the parish of St. Eval in North Cornwall and is partly owned by the National Trust and has the expected tea shop and National Trust gift shops perfect for tourists looking for some souvenirs to take home with them.  The shop and cafe were actually used as mine offices since there is evidence that the place had mining activities in the early 19th century.

This is a definite visit for enthusiastic hikers and country ramblers who will enjoy the lovely coastal walk. However, if you’re the laid-back kind of person, the Bedruthan steps is also a perfect spot for a picnic especially on a sunshiny day like we had last Friday.  It was absolutely perfect.  The view was breathtaking as we sat and soaked up the sun and ate our impromptu picnic which was really just a few sandwiches, cookies and doughnuts bought from the Co-op.  The cliffs are steep and dangerous, so there are warnings to take heed, especially if you have small children in tow.  T obediently sat on our picnic blanket ate her doughnuts and marvelled at the airplanes passing us by.  We live by the ocean you see, so seeing it won’t excite her as much as kids who live in the midlands, as for airplanes, that’s an all together different story.

T is probably thinking, I wish there were more days like this one, I’m with you on that, little one.

To know more about Bedruthan steps and how to get there, click here.

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