Polzeath in the Summer

We don’t go much to Polzeath, even though it is a lovely beach.  Perhaps, because we live by so many other beaches equally as lovely as the said beach.  Yes, admittedly, we are a bit spoiled when it comes to beaches all because we live in North Cornwall.

A few weeks ago, we had family visit, even though we knew it was going to be a bit crowded, we thought it would be nice to take them there since they’ve never been.

And I’m glad we did, even though it was busy, it was still a beautiful day to be out on the beach along with the holiday makers.

Before T and her cousin hit the waves with their bodyboards, they had fun burying each other in the sand, as you do when you’re on the beach.

And when that was done, they hit the waves, along with many, many, people.

After enjoying the waves of course, we all had some Kelly Whip ice-cream – summer wouldn’t be complete with that.

And then it was time to go, even then, the beach was still busy and there were lots of surfers enjoying the waves in Polzeath.  Perhaps, that’s one of the reason why this beach is so popular?  If you wonder what it looks like when it’s not busy, you can have a little peek here.

It’s lovely to see Cornwall busy with tourists.  Once the summer is done, a lot of the small villages here become like a ghost town.  It’s the first of September while a lot think that summer is over, I don’t think it is gone yet.  Yes, T will be back in school on Monday, but if we’re lucky, we might have an Indian summer only then will I feel that it is indeed over.

Have you been to Polzeath?

What’s your favourite beach in your area?


  1. Lovely! Im from a seaside town and I must admit I do miss the culture. My parents still live there though so lots of visits with my girls are a must

    • Admittedly, we do take it for granted sometimes and are only reminded when we have guests and see it again through their eyes 🙂

  2. Becca Talbot

    I’ve never even heard of Polzeath, so haven’t been there unfortunately 🙁 but it looks like a lovely family beach, and the kids had a whale of a time with the boards! x

    • They did indeed, thanks. Polzeath is usually popular with the tourists, not really with the locals 🙂

  3. I have been to Polzeath but it was a few years back. I studied in Falmouth and Cornwall is just such a beautiful and wonderful place! I really want to live in that part of the world

    Laura x

    • Did you go to the art college in Falmouth? I love Falmouth too. Maybe someday you guys will manage to move down here 🙂

  4. So many surfers, that’s a busy beach in the summer for sure. I haven’t been to Cornwall for many years, it’s such a long drive for us with small children. Maybe when they are a little older.

    • That is understandable. Would love to go back to Norfolk but it’s also too far from us.

  5. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    Oh I wish I had known you were there, we were too! I actually managed to get all six of my kids to come along. It was indeed busy but such a lovely day. This is my favourite local beach and I find it hard to let a sunny day go by without going down. My boys all love surfing which is what makes it so popular with them. All your photos are wonderful, I hope your friends enjoyed their day.

    • We’ve recently “discovered” new beaches to go too, nearer to Bude! I think it’s our current favourite beach now. Yes, I should really get in touch with you or plan a visit soon!

  6. Lucy Mackcracken

    We’ve not been to Polzeath but definitely looks like a lovely beach. My little one has just had her first bodyboarding attempt in Devon recently so will definitely be on the look out for other beaches for her to try this out again and will keep Polzeath in mind #countrykids

    • Oh well done to your little one. I bet she loved it! T just recently got the hang of bodyboarding 🙂

  7. It does look really busy! I would love to know what other quieter beaches you would recommend too.

    • We’ve recently “discovered” new ones. Will definitely blog about it! 🙂 Stay tuned 😉

  8. Looks like it was a beautiful day. We went to Ryhl at the beginning of the week, the girl had so much fun collecting shells and building sand castles

  9. Anne Russell

    Happy memories! It became a regular stop for surfing on the way back from our annual family holiday on the Isles of Scilly. Always very busy but well worth the stop.

    • But then that’s because you live in Dorset. You have lovely beaches there as well 🙂

    • I guess that’s one of the reason why it’s a popular beach especially among the tourists 🙂

    • It looked really crowded. My husband said it was crazy in the water, but everyone managed not to hit each other 🙂

  10. Never been to Polzeath before but looks lovely and glad you guys had fun. I too am not convinced that summer is all over, I want my Indian summer before I can accept Autumn lol
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