Solar Eclipse over Cornwall (2015)

We’ve been hearing about the solar eclipse on the news the past few days, about how exciting it is and that one shouldn’t miss seeing it.

This morning though, we woke up to a blanket of fog over Bos and I thought to myself “I guess that means we won’t get to see the eclipse then”.  The husband took little T to school and as I settled on the couch to watch the news, he came in and said “Why are you watching the eclipse on TV and not outside?” I grabbed my camera and managed to take this photo, before quickly looking away.

The eclipse played peek-a-boo as we drove away to meet a friend and of course there were also people outside armed with their camera, looking up at the sky.

There it is again, looking ghostly against the grey clouds and winter trees.

While everywhere around us was still enveloped in a foggy blanket.  It didn’t really feel like there was an eclipse happening, it looked more like an ordinary winter day in England.

It was an eerie sight and I kept expecting the car to mysteriously stop, but of course nothing uncanny happened.

And then that was it, the eclipse was over.

At the school run this afternoon, I was talking to one of the mums and she mentioned that she was disappointed and thought “Was that it?”  It did feel a bit anticlimactic, but I guess we were lucky to see bits of hit here in Cornwall.  A friend who lives in Worthing didn’t see anything at all, while of course for those who live at the Shetland islands had a great view of the eclipse.  You can go to the BBC website to see amazing videos and photos of the 2015 solar eclipse.  Yes, it did happen, so my #wotw is eclipse.

What about you?
Did you see the solar eclipse on your part of the UK?
For our lovely friends in other parts of the world,
have you witnessed a solar eclipse before?
How was it?


  1. Sadly we had 100% cloud cover so I’ve only been able to follow the eclipse via TV, the web and friends’ photos. I’m gutted the kids didn’t get to see it – the next partial eclipse of this magnitude in the UK doesn’t happen for another 11 years …

    • I know. When my husband left the school-gates, all the kids were outside with their special glasses on but according to my husband, they were all saying, but I can’t see anything! 😉 Maybe you can show your kids some footages online? The videos and photos on the BBC website are amazing!

      • Our school didn’t even allow the kids out for safety reasons, not that they actually missed anything. I recorded the live coverage on BBC2 so we will watch it later!

        • Really? … Anyway, I’m sure the kids will enjoy seeing it on TV too 🙂

  2. thereadingresidence

    We had clear skies, but I couldn’t photograph it well. Everywhere did go dark, as though a storm had suddenly arrived, and then a few minutes later it was bright again. Off to check out the BBC website now x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • I think the kids were a bit disappointed too. Will watch the news tonight with little T 😉

  3. Kim Carberry

    I saw it….hehehe There was a bit of cloud but they kept clearing.
    My eldest saw it at school but my youngest wasn’t allowed to watch it….Her teacher even went as far to say it wasn’t happening where we live. Grr! She had to watch it on the news x

    • I find it really weird that some schools didn’t allow their kids to see it because of safety reasons. They just have to make sure that the kids know what they’re doing (special glasses et al…). Here in our little school village, the kids were allowed outside. They had the whole set-up pinhole cameras against white sheets. The kids had their backs to the sun and had so much fun 🙂

  4. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    hahahahha, I love how you expected your car to mysteriously stop!! That’s beyond awesome!

    PS – I have totally failed as a Pen Pal, it’s been on my list for weeks to get you a card… but I’m making it a priority!! 🙂

    • Well, as you know… strange things can happen… like flying UFOs! 😉 No worries, take your time. x

  5. XavWe saw it in Warwickshire- the cloud burnt off just in time and we had a great view with our pinhole cameras. I didn’t try shooting straight at the eclipse but I’ve got some fun photos of our pinhole camera ! And having been in the very cloudy totality in 1999 I did have a wry smile when exactly the same happened in the Faroes!

    • Wow, that’s amazing. And in 11 years time, you can do it again! 😉

  6. ortsofsorts

    Thank you for sharing your view of the eclipse! I can tell from the photos that it had an eerie, supernatural quality.

    • It certainly was – that’s why I kept expecting something weird to happen .. but nothing of that sort happened 😉

  7. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    Great photos, we just had the darkness and quietness along with the clouds. It is strange isn’t it and you can imagine why our predecessors didn’t understand it. Not sure why some schools didn’t embrace the learning opportunity, that seems such a shame #wotw

    • I know. Found that really strange that other schools didn’t allow their kids out for safety reasons, or were they just too lazy to organise safe activities for their kids? I agree, such a shame to miss a learning opportunity.

  8. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    I waited and waited and nothing happened here! I felt the chill though. And so I just went home to see the whole thing on TV and what do you know it really is nice on TV =P


  9. oddsocksandlollipops

    Oh wow lovely pictures, we had so much cloud it was a bit underwhelming and Boo slept through it as it was nap time!!

  10. Glad you managed to get a glimpse and a couple of photos – we just had cloud here and didn’t see anything. I did notice the eeriness of the light though – just as I remembered from in 1999 but I didn’t think it had got particularly dark until I realised how much brighter it was after the eclipse had finished.

    • It was definitely eerie, like something spooky was about to happen… but of course it didn’t. The greyness lifted and out came the blue skies 😉

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