Summer is here …. I think.

I’ve actually felt some warmth the past few days, especially while sitting under the sun.  Yes, the sun.  You read it right.  The sun does come out once in a while here in England and when it does – the landscape becomes alive and even more beautiful.  This actually makes me really think summer may indeed have come.  Let me list down the following:

Evidence number 1:  Temperature in Double Digits

For the last few days, the temperature has risen and is in fact, in the double figures.  Not exactly the kind of double figures a person from a tropical country is used to, but it has risen indeed to the highest…. (drum roll please) – tadadadantadan! = 11, 12, 13, 14 and even 15 degrees Celsius!  A few days ago, or perhaps a week ago, it was even reported that it actually went as high as 20 degrees in London!  Imagine that, 20 degrees!  Woah.

Evidence number 2: Open Windows and Doors

We can actually leave our kitchen door and windows open without having to worry about wearing layers of clothing.  And yes, it’s even warm enough to just wear a t-shirt on (maybe with a light cardigan) and have some fun in the garden.

Evidence number 3: Summer Toys

Items we only use during the summer have now been taken out of the shed:

  • Bouncy thingie (whatever-it’s called).
  • Bubble machine
  • Pop-out-tent

Evidence number 4:  A Tea-party in the garden.

It doesn’t take much to make a little girl happy.  Just blow-up her bouncy-thing, put some bubble mixture in her bubble machine and have a tea-party with her toys.  Boots, the cat at one time, even joined in little T’s tea-party.  She also enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of plastic chocolate cake.  When she was done, she stretched out and enjoyed the sun.  She looked so content and happy and I didn’t have the heart to remind her that it’s rude to stretch out like that in a tea-party.  So I let her be.

I love days like these: sun-shiny days, which make you feel as if nothing in the world can get you down … except of course the rain, mist and fog.  But then again, it wouldn’t be England without the rain, mist and fog –  so I like that too.


  1. D. Lew

    Nice pics! I am a huge fan of summer, I am tired of the cold weather. I’m glad it’s almost here so I can go outside and be free. I will be outside lounging around in my hammock listening to my music, feeling the bright sun kiss my skin.

    • Dean B

      Hi D. Thanks for dropping by Little Steps. I’m originally from a tropical country (Philippines) so I’m used to really warm weather. So it’s not surprising that I hate winter. But summer, I wish it were always summer here in England =) All the best, Dean

    • Dean B

      Btw, thanks for the link but we already have a beach tent!

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