Sunday at Trebarwith Strand

We went to Trebarwith Strand last sunday, a small seas-side hamlet, not far from where we live.  We thought we got the tide-times right, but by the time we got there, it already had turned in and only had a few parts of the beach left.

 Even little T seemed unsure about it.

Even though it was blustery and cold, we weren’t the only ones there. There were actually quite a few people there with their dogs too.

My husband was bent on finding a bit of sand so Doc could have a little run.  So he decided to walk around a big rock, just when we were about to follow, a wave came in and little T’s jeans got soaking wet and water also came into her wellies.

So we decided to head back to the car instead.  Once inside, I took off her trousers and peeled off her wet socks.  Since we weren’t planning to stay long, I didn’t bother to bring change of clothing for Little T.  So instead I wrapped my scarf around her little legs, and put my gloves in her cold feet to keep her nice and warm, which actually made her giggle at the sight of her feet in my gloves!

When Doc had a bit of a run, we decided that it was actually best to head home and maybe come back another day.

Do you have anything lovely planned over the weekend?


  1. Anne Russell

    If it doesn’t snow too badly we’re hoping to go to the Wassail and Mari Lwyd at Chepstow tomorrow afternoon/evening. I’ve been to a Wassail before but never seen a Mari Lwyd. I love ancient customs!

    • I actually had to google what a Wassail and Mari Lwyd is and it looks exciting! Would love to see one too. It looks a little bit like a Halloween kind of thing 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy and hope it isn’t snowing badly. We’ve been dreaming of snow here, it’s in the forecast. But of course, never in Bos! xx

  2. That looks like a lovely place for a walk and Little T looks so very snug – I love her hat and the photo of her legs and feet in your scarf and gloves made me chuckle 🙂

    • You know what it’s like, us mums, we just improvise and do what we can, right? 😉 x

  3. ortsofsorts

    Our plans are going to be more outdoorsy, as the below freezing temperatures are letting off to bring sunshine and warmth for a few days! Bicycle riding and running with the dogs is in the plans!
    Much credit to you for turning what some would have fallen apart over into a fun adventure! Yay for gloves on the feet!

    • Riding bikes and running with dogs sounds like great fun! 🙂 As for gloves on the feet, like I mentioned in another comment, you know what it’s like, us mum’s have to improvise and do what we can 😉

  4. Coombe Mill

    What a shame you got the tide wrong, Trebarwith is my closest beach but the tide comes in so fast you really need to head out there a couple of hours before low tide to enjoy it at its best. Do try it again, it is a beautiful beach I promise! At least Doc got a little run and you all had a breath of sea air, or a welly full of water! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

    • Oh yes, we’ve been there loads of times too, especially when the tide is out! It was just this one time 😉 We do love it there too, even though it’s not the closest beach to us. The nearest is Crackington Haven 🙂 x

  5. 76 sunflowers

    Haha, love the clever use of scarf and gloves! What a lovely looking place to have so close. I’m a bit wary of the sea and tides and always amazed at the speed the water comes in. The rocks look like a great place to climb and explore. I’m hoping to get out in the cold today – we’ve just had the most pathetic snow shower!!

    • Same here. You hear loads of news items about people being swept away in a freak-wave…. I was actually scared, but of course, you try not to show it in front of your little one … It is a lovely place to explore, when the tide is out 😉 Little T has been hoping for snow, it’s been on the forecast, but no sign of snow in our little village.

  6. The Mummy Diary

    This looks like a wonderful place to visit, love the gloves on the feet (I bet that water was chilly) the perfect place to go and get some fresh air even if you did get the tide times wrong 🙂 #countrykids

  7. Monika @Madventuress (the winter camper)

    Love your improvisation of gloves on the feet. The giggles must’ve made up for the disappointment of finding high tide.

    • Had to. Her feet were really cold and yes, it made her giggle 🙂 Both of us did!

  8. You’ve just reminded me that we must pay here a visit when we’re down at Easter-such a lovely little spot. Sometimes it’s just about getting out, making the most of it and being a little bit silly along the way isn’t it-we have done similar things ourselves, many times 🙂

    • Yep, the many jobs of a mum. It’s included in our job-description 😉 “Expert improviser, silliness and the list goes on 🙂

  9. Louise Fairweather

    I really need to remember to keep a spare set of clothes in the car as things like this happen to us all the time x

    • I usually bring a spare in my bag … I have no idea what I was thinking! 😉 Lapse of judgement?

    • Thanks. Yes, Trebarwith is really a beautiful place, especially when the tide is low. Too bad we missed it though!

  10. naptimethoughts

    I plan to listen to some quiet. As in, nobody talking. If it can be accomplished, I could die happy.

  11. Mary @ Over 40 and a Mum to One

    It must be lovely to live close to the sea – I am envious. Love the gloves idea – we had a similar problem recently after Monkey was jumping in puddles just a little too enthusiastically #CountryKids

    • Yes, muddy puddles. Don’t you just hate it though when their socks get really muddy and wet? Oh dear.

  12. Merlinda (@pixiedusk)

    I love the landscape! I live near a sandy beach and I sometimes long for rockpools and big stones like this one! We also sometimes get Sebastian naked inside the car with hats and scarf on him as he really love playing in the water =P #countrykids

    • How lovely to live within walking distance of a beach! We actually still have to hop in our car to get to the nearest one, even though it’s only about 10-15 mins drive!

  13. Kriss MacDonald

    You’re making me miss the coast, the water, the beach – all beautiful in all seasons. Very cute glove shoes!!

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