Ticking off our Summer Bucket List

Before the summer holidays began, I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted done during the break and I’m pleased to share that we are slowly ticking off that list (especially after last week’s panic), although admittedly I still feel like September is creeping fast behind us – I’m okay with that too.

Here’s a recap of what was on that list:


Sadly we haven’t managed to do much apart from mow our enormous lawn. A close friend said that it’s actually better to begin gardening in the autumn, if that’s true, then having nothing done in the garden suddenly sounds alright.  What I’m loving though is that we are still discovering what’s in it.  Flowers are still budding out of nowhere as if to surprise us.  This time we’ve been seeing lily-like flowers in bushes – lovely really.

Play Area for T

While there aren’t any home-made wooden swings hanging from our tree yet, we did finally manage to put up T’s much-awaited trampoline.  I’m still hoping to nudge the Historian towards making those wooden swings, I love the idea of having them in the garden.

Get Organised

Slowly getting there, although admittedly there are still lots to do especially in the conservatory and the boot room, though as mentioned in past posts, we’ve managed to put up pictures/paintings (though there are still more to be put up) and also managed to buy another book shelf which is also now filled-up with books.  Hopefully before the summer ends, we’ll get more things done.

Host BBQs and Pool Parties

Done that, but want to do more.


Yes! After a short notice, we’ve managed to find a campsite in Devon (I know, we just went over the border from where we live) It was bliss, especially since the weather was just perfect.

Walk on the beach and Woods

We’ve been on the beach more than a couple of times (still intend to do more), we haven’t done any walks in the woods yet, but managed a lovely one in Dartmoor.

And there’s little T with our friend S, enjoying the walk the National Park.

Road Trips

As mentioned in a recent post, we did manage to finally visit Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park and the kids absolutely loved it.  Hopefully we’ll be able to do another one before the school term begins.

Visit London and Watch Matilda

We haven’t ticked this one off yet, although we’re booked to watch Mary Poppins, sadly not in London, but in Plymouth where it’s nearer.  We still want to watch Matilda and visit the capital, but I’m not so sure we’ll manage to do that this summer, but you’ll never know, we might just do it too.

Not bad at all, this I say to myself. We’re slowly ticking off that list, hopefully by the time summer ends, everything is ticked off.  My word of the week is – ticking.

What about you?

Have you managed to tick off your summer bucket list?

Do share.


  1. I’ve managed to tick a few things off our list like doing our local childrens trail and going to the splash park but need to do so much more before the colder weather arrives.

  2. The Reading Residence

    You’ve been ticking loads off! You’re getting through that list and it sounds like you’re having a wonderful time x Thanks for sharing with #WotW
    The Reading Residence recently posted…Word of the Week 12/8/16My Profile

  3. Mummy here and there

    You have been a busy bee. Well done for getting some ticks off your list. It is a great t sense of achievement when you get something done that you have planned X #wotw

    • We’ve certainly been busy this week. Hopefully will get more things done. x

  4. Sounds like you have it all sorted. I must admit we’re the same with the garden, only the lawn gets any attention these days but pruning back is best done in the autumn:-)

  5. Paighton Millington - The Lazy Baker

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great summer! ☺️
    All we had planned for the summer was to soak up our new addition to the family – and for me to recover!
    Have a great rest of the summer! X

  6. Lyndsey O'Halloran

    I would love to go to London but I daren’t do it yet with Erin only being 8 months old. The thought of the tube terrifies me!

  7. It sounds like you are doing really well ticking off your list, I made one too but it’s not very adventurous…saying that, we’ve managed to do some exciting things that were not on the list 🙂
    Anne recently posted…Dates – My Word of the Week.My Profile

  8. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    I love the wooden swing idea, sounds really nice. I’m dying to get a trampoline for my little one, he would love it! It’s great you have managed to get some camping done!

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  9. Little B & Me

    Great post!
    I love the idea & the images to go with the post are lovely <3

  10. Fashion and Style Police

    Didn’t really have a bucket list but I am making the most of the sunshine before it disappears.

  11. It’s great to hear that you have been able to reach some of your goals over the Summer. #WotW

  12. I would love more BBQ’s as well! We just havent had the weather here in Germany. I love finding out what is in a new garden when you move house, it is one of the best parts. xx

    • I’m finding that out now about the garden. Enjoy your time in Germany 🙂

  13. Angela Webster

    You have made made a great start in ticking off your Summer bucket list, we have a lots still to do on ours I keep reminding myself that September is fast approaching so I had better get on with it. I hope you manage to fit the London trip in Matilda looks amazing. #LIML
    Angela Webster recently posted…Look In My LetterboxMy Profile

  14. Unfortunately I still have quite a few things left on my list too, the time just seems to get away from you so easily doesn’t it. Hopefully i’ll be having some nice woodland walks and outdoor adventures soon as my puppy is getting her final vaccination on Monday.

    • Woodland walks are one of my faves. Haven’t done it recently, hopefully we’ll manage to tick that one off soon 🙂

  15. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    They do say to leave a new-to-you garden for a year to see what pops up. I know we had some surprises. Also gives you a clue to the type of plants that will work (read survive). I’m envious of your Dartmoor walks. I do miss that part of the country, although we’ve been wild camping in Devon, this summer. Love pitching up in a field. You have done well with your bucket list.

    • Thanks! Yes, we’re finding that out about our garden. Hopefully we’ll be able to do some planting in the autumn 🙂

  16. Kerry Norris

    Glad to see you’ve done lots of things on the list. Amazing considering the weather hasn’t been great. Yes I’ve heard gardening is better in the autumn time. X

    • We’ve been having good weather again, hopefully it lasts till the beginning of term time 🙂

    • Same here. NOw if only my husband finds the time to make them before T goes back to school 😉

  17. What a great idea to write a summer bucket list! Totally going to do this from now on! I managed to take my little boy to the cinema for the first time last week and he loved it! We have been to the park more and are planning on taking a picnic next week (weather permitting). We are in a new house too so have been working lots of overtime to buy furniture and curtain poles but lots of gardening has been done.
    Anosa recently posted…{Travel} #Take12Trips Travel Challenge ~ Month NineMy Profile

    • The list just keeps things on track, don’t they? Plan to do it each year 🙂 x

  18. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun getting through your list.
    Hope you have some more awesome times to tick off too 🙂 x
    Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs recently posted…Bob The Builder New Toy RangeMy Profile

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