Valentine's Day on Rough Tor

We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, except maybe give each other cards and my husband buys me flowers, and of course, he buys a bouquet for little T too.  Last Saturday though, he had a lecture in Plymouth and we had a guest over, a close-friend who lives in Bristol stayed with us over the weekend.

We (little T, Doc and I), decided to take our friend up on a hike on Rough Tor.  According to Wikipedia, the word Tor is Cornish for hill and this particular one is known for its Logan stones (meaning balanced stone), neolithic tor enclosure and a large number of Bronze age hut circles.

It’s a great place for a hike and a picnic.  We once brought another close-friend here for a birthday picnic when he visited a couple of years back.  Of course, it’s also been used in many films, the most recent one was Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn where they shot one of the end scenes in the movie.

Anyway, the hike started with a picnic of sandwiches, custard donuts, strawberries and blue berries by the side of a small stream.

And here she is demolishing strawberries.

Then it was time for the hike.  At first, little T was all energy, running ahead, many times I had to call for her to slow down.

And there she is stomping ahead of us, while Doc had to stay on his leash as we passed some sheep and other dogs on their leash.

But as soon as we were pass the sheep, I let him off and he bounded happily up the hill ahead of us, zooming fast but always coming back.

I knew she was going to start whinging half-way up and sure enough she did:

And here she is doing a dramatic-slump on a rock.

Trying to coax her up, we pointed to the man up on one of the rocks, this got her all excited again.

“Are we nearly there mummy?”

“Almost, sweetie”

And then before we knew it, we were really nearly on the top.

By this time though, our friend had to hold her hand since it was getting a bit tricky to climb on her own.

Look at those rocks, it’s almost unbelievable the way nature stocked-them up like that.  You can almost imagine a child-giant playing with the rocks like blocks, stocking them up one after the other.

Then we were up!  Here’s Doc enjoying the view from the top of Rough Tor.

Little T posing in front of a war memorial plaque.

“I’m on top of the world mum!”

And on our way home, she fell asleep of course.

And Doc?

Let’s just say he was quiet too.

What about you?

How did you spend Valentine’s Day?


  1. FromMummytoMum

    What a beautiful walk!! I love the views from the top! I think I would be falling asleep too!

  2. Mummy Tries

    What a lovely post Dean, and good to learn something too! Your hike reminded me of one we did in the summer to Box Hill. It’s always a sign of a good day out when they have a little snooze on the way back isn’t it… #countrykids

    • Definitely! The only problem about snoozing in the car is that means little T will demand at least another hour before bed-time 😉

  3. Coombe Mill

    What a fab walk, I love taking my lot up to the top of Rough Tor to let off some steam. Little T looks like she enjoyed her day out with you and your friend along with the trusty companion of Doc. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    • Definitely a great place to let off steam! And also a great place to take visiting guests for a walk or a hike 🙂

  4. Merlinda Little ( @pixiedusk)

    OMG Can you bring me there too! Pleaseeee! Such a pretty place #countrykids

  5. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a)

    It’s a fab place isn’t it – we visited when we were in cornwall last September as MOH has a long held ambition to conquer Brown Wily (yes I sniggered too) and this time he managed it. We tried it once from the Jamaica Inn side but it was so muddy I refused to go any further!

    • It certainly is! And when we have guests, we usually take them up there for a while. As for Brown Wily, yes I always snigger too every time I hear the name 😉

  6. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Love the dramatic slouch on the rocks!! And how cool is it the way those rocks are stacked? I seriously wouldn’t have believed it, and in fact read it several times just to make sure that was what you said! Lol

    • I know! I’ve been there so many times and yet, I still find it so amazing the way the rocks are stacked that way. And it’s not just here in Cornwall, you’ll actually find these rocks all over England! You should come and visit Kate 😉

  7. Kriss MacDonald

    I love how you’ve shown Little T and Doc in this incredible landscape…and wish I was walking along those paths. Those stones are amazing – they remind me how people stack stones at the beach.

  8. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    What a great walk, she did really well to make it to the top 🙂 Great photos, love the rocks!

  9. Stella Lee @purfylle

    What a beautiful place for a walk! The views are incredible. I’m glad everyone made it the top.

    • It certainly was… though admittedly on our way up, was a bit worried about Little T and Doc, but they both made it with nary a scratch! 😉

  10. naptimethoughts

    I envy a hike like that. I used to hike all the time, beautiful pallisades hikes, with history around every corner. Maybe again soon. I hope so.

    • I hope so too… that you’ll find the time to be able to do all the hiking you want 😉

  11. Rosie @Eco-Gites of Lenault

    So glad you managed to get Little T to the top – she must have been so proud. Funny how she slpet on the way home and Doc was quiet!! Now Harry is off the lead much more, our dog walks for him and Saari are more energetic and this morning she didn’t want to get out of bed!
    Many thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales and I hope you manage many more walks like this.

    PS I saw Jamaica Inn and do recognise the rugged landscape.

    • I do hope so too… Weatherwise, we do intend to do more walks like this one… As for Jamaica Inn, did you like it? Was a bit disappointed with it, the audio wasn’t that good either.

  12. lisaslife1970

    I love that dramatic “I’m too tired to walk anymore” pose. My feet hurt just looking at it! I bet Little T and Doc were definitely dog tired for a quiet drive home 🙂

  13. Over40andaMumtoOne

    What a great place to explore and no wonder she was zonked in the car! Sorry it’s taken so long to comment!

  14. Mama Herself

    Great walk, lovely views. Well done for getting your small person up there, dramatic slumping notwithstanding!

    • And she was also so pleased with herself once we were up there! 🙂

  15. crumpledpapercranes

    The world is indeed beautiful. That trip though must have been exhausting. I haven’t done something like this in a while.

    Best wishes. 🙂

    • It was, but so worth it! Indeed it is, you must come travelling! 😉

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