Where has the sun gone?

We had such glorious sunshine over the weekend, which lasted about Tuesday.  Everyone was soaking up the warm weather, paddling pools were out, you could smell the bbq in the air and  I heard a lot of “Why go abroad when the sun is here” comments and we all nodded our heads in agreement, at the back of our minds, we knew that this wasn’t going to last, and it didn’t.  By Wednesday, we woke up to a sea of mist and fog.

It was drizzling yesterday.  As we prepared to go out to do some errands, I was debating whether to wear my sandals or shoes.  But I couldn’t find them, the shoes I had out were all sandals.  “Sod it”, I muttered and defiantly planted my feet in my Birks, so what if I get my feet wet?

Word of the week: Sun.  But where has it gone?  What happened to the British summer?  Or was that it?  To be fair though, as I’m typing this, the sun is sort of out, it’s peering behind grey clouds.  I’m hoping it will manage to push it’s way through.

Is the sun shinning where ever you are?

Do share.

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  1. The Reading Residence

    Oh no! We still have sunshine here, though it’s been cooler since Wednesday. Would be nice to think it’ll stick around – we’ll see! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    • It’s improved as of now… but like you said it’s cooler. Not paddling pool weather though 🙁

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Sorry to the sunshine has disappeared for you – we still have it hear although it is a little more hazy than it was and there are more clouds and breeze which makes it quite pleasant. Hopefully the sunshine will return for you over the weekend 🙂 #WotW
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…The Friday Focus 22/07/16 – Soaking up the sunshineMy Profile

    • I hope so too, but I don’t think it’s going to be as warm as early this week. x

    • It was lovely till around Wednesday. I’m afraid it’s probably the same weather down here as it is up there! 😉

  3. Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    I’m so jealous of everyone that got to experience the nice weather, it’s been a bit warm here but not an awful lot of sun! Wish it was always great weather instead of the torrential rain we have had the past few days.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk
    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl recently posted…#MeetTheBeauties ││ Interview SeriesMy Profile

    • That is so true about the heat making one feel lazy. For now though, the warmth is gone 🙁

  4. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    The heatwave showed me how much Sebastian is going to have a hard time in Manila! He is not coping well. But it got cooler here too and yesterday it rained but not stormy. Just right for Sebastian to have a good night sleep. And today the sun is back so Yey! #wotw
    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…SeptemberMy Profile

    • The sun wasn’t back for us today 🙁 … Don’t worry about Sebastian, I thought T wasn’t going to cope when we visited last year, but she was absolutely fine, although my parents electric bill must have been enormous with the use of the A/C all the time. Oopps. He’ll be fine. T loved it.

  5. Kim Carberry

    We still have the sunshine up here in Northumberland….
    We had rain most of Wednesday and today it started off gloomy but it’s really brightened up now.
    I hope the sun comes back for you x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Summer is here. #WotWMy Profile

    • The sun kept trying to peek out today, but I’ afraid gave up later in the afternoon and it got worse for us 🙁 Rain and mist 🙁

  6. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    We’ve been pretty lucky here; it wasn’t as warm yesterday, but still wasn’t at all bad. The only problem is that when it is nice I want to stay indoors next to the fan! lol.

    • Oh dear … We haven’t been lucky at all today. It just got worse for us. By late afternoon, it was misty and raining!

  7. mummy here and there

    Oh dear, I hope it comes back to you soon. Sorry to inform you but where i am it is roasting today, eek!
    Hope you have a great summer hols X #wotw

  8. tracey at Mummyshire

    Oh no, what a shame. We’e had scorching summer heat all week, such a shame you had rain. But yes, sod the weather and slip on your sandals. It’s July for goodness sake!!
    Hopefully you’ll get the sunshine back soon!
    tracey at Mummyshire recently posted…Countdown : My Word of the WeekMy Profile

  9. Tooting Mama

    We’re in Paris, and it’s sweltering, but I won’t complain – it’s great having the sun. But we did also have floods!

    I hope the sun does make a return for you and blasts out some seriously good weather!
    Tooting Mama recently posted…I’m married to a MAMILMy Profile

  10. We’ve been very lucky, the sun has been out here all week, just some rain yesterday first thing but otherwise it’s been glorious for our first week of the holidays.
    Kizzy recently posted…Lavender Salt ScrubMy Profile

    • Glad we’re not the only one then. Hopefully it will come back for all of us.

    • We were lucky too at the beginning of the week and then it all turned sour 🙁

  11. Angela Webster

    Apart from the odd spot of rain it’s been pretty sunny all week here in the North West, hope it comes back out from behind the clouds for you this weekend. #WotW
    Angela Webster recently posted…Word of the Week – OverwhelmMy Profile

  12. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    We have had sunshine all week though a couple of days were cloudy. We are due for thunderstorms tomorrow though. I hope the sunshine comes back soon for you
    Jenni – Odd Socks and Lollipops recently posted…A Wonderful WeekMy Profile

  13. Stephanie myers

    oh no, hope the sun comes back to you! We’ve been having gorgeous weather. x

  14. chickenruby

    I came to Europe for 6 weeks to escape the relentless heat of Dubai in summer and it would appear the sun followed me…..grrrrrr it’s been raining today in South Wales and my family think i’m mad to go out for a walk in it
    chickenruby recently posted…Week 82 – My Sunday PhotoMy Profile

    • I bet you loved the weather in spite the rain though, hopefully it will improve before you head back to Dubai 🙂

    • Same here, though ours weren’t really thunder storms just regular depressing rainy days since then.

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