October Chat with a Dad: Jogging Dad

It’s the first day of October folks and here in the UK, summer has indeed packed its bag and is sadly gone.  From where I’m writing this, I can see the dreary-grey-sky from our kitchen window.  The one good thing about today is that, it’s the first day of the month, and time for another cup of tea or coffee (if you’ve already had one).  Now sit and relax as we chat to JD or better yet known in blogosphere as Jogging Dad.

What?  You haven’t heard or read him yet?  I take it then, that you haven’t even heard of his famous rhyme which he has coined Homework Stress yet?  Allow me to share a couple of excerpts with you:

There was a cranky man who swallowed his kid’s homework.

I don’t know why the jerk swallowed his kid’s homework.

Perhaps he’s going berserk.


There was a cranky man who swallowed some wine.

That tickled and tickled his entire spine.

He swallowed the wine to drown his kid’s homework.

I don’t know why the jerk swallowed his kid’s homework.

Perhaps he’s going berserk.

If that piqued your interest and want to know more about this dad who swallowed his kid’s homework, see below.  Everything you need to know about the Jogging Dad:

Tell us something about yourself and your little one(s).

I am a 41 year-old father with the maturity level of a 21 year-old hustler. I have an 8 year-old first-born with the emotional intelligence of a 41-year-old parent, and a 6 year-old son with the streets-smarts of a 21 year-old hustler. Lording over all three of us is my wife whose age depends on whether the boys are behaving or not (myself included).

What was your little one(s) birth story(ies) like?

It depends on who you ask.

From my perspective, both births went smoothly and I thought I was actually in the way, such was my wife’s amazing poise and the kind professionalism of our obstetrician and the hospital staff.

My wife’s perspective was probably a little different. For instance, the first one was a nightmare as it was a C-section and the post-operation recovery was extremely hard on her body. The second one involved a labour period that was well over 24 hours and, according to her, involved a tremendous amount of screaming in my ear and ringing of my neck.

In both cases, I was apparently ALWAYS in the way, according to the obstetrician and the hospital staff.

What you wish you knew about being a Dad before becoming one?

That infants are much more resilient than people give them credit for, and that they don’t really need to be molly-coddled excessively.

That a well-meaning dad is often in the way of an all-knowing mum, and that he should restrict himself to being just an order-taker – looking after the baby whenever the mum wants to sleep and looking after everything else whenever the mum resumes charge of the baby.

Whatever you do, DO NOT dispense unsolicited advice to the mum – it unsettles the kid and annoys the mum.

How do you balance your time between work and fatherhood?

I have no trouble balancing work and fatherhood, due to my wife’s organising skills and stamina. In other words, I just follow whatever commands my wife puts into my calendar. I’m also lucky that our boys are pretty well-behaved and good-natured, albeit extremely cheeky.

Come to think of it, that would be better question to ask my wife because I certainly have no idea how she does it, considering she also works full time in a pretty high-pressure job.

How do you manage child-free time with your wife? Do you have date-nights?

We used to have date-nights. Then we found that, during these nights, we just end up talking about our kids anyway, in terms of their progress at school, aptitude in the various extra-curricular activities they do, their bowel movements and just generally all the cute and funny things they get up to.

In any case, on most date-nights, we get so tired by 9.30pm that we often come home by 10.00pm, much to the dismay of the babysitter who charges by the hour.

So, our date-nights are now mostly family affairs, and the two boys have become quite the fine-dining connoisseurs!

Any favourite anecdotes of your little one(s)?

One day, sometime ago, I was shaving in front of the bathroom mirror and the two boys were fooling around behind me on the floor. I overheard my elder son L testing the younger son C on all the 30-odd Mr Men characters. L would say a number and C, straight from his head, would say which Mr Men character that number corresponds to. The answers all came so nonchalantly. That was when I first realised how amazing my second son’s memory power is. He already knows all the times tables and even knows odd calculations like 13×31 and 18×81 – don’t ask me why!

As for the elder son, I remember him and his brother at a playground one day playing with a bunch of other kids. At that time, they were probably 5 and 3. I saw that a much bigger and older kid, maybe 7 or 8, pushing my younger son C off the see-saw. Quick as a flash, my elder son went up to this bigger kid, shoved him back and shouted: “Hey, that’s my brother, leave him alone!!!” That was when I realised how protective L is of his little kid sibling, despite all the bickering they get up to they are just by themselves.

What is it about fatherhood you love about?

At the risk of telling you something you already know, but we men are unbearably proud of what we have, be it car, house, man-cave, bike or even just gadgets. You just need to take a look at the way we carry on like monkeys whenever we get these things.

Against that context, can you imagine the sheer pride we get from having children—real little human beings who we were responsible in creating and bringing into this world?

 So, in my case at least, that is what I love most about fatherhood. The pride of having my own children to whom I am responsible. The opportunity I have to influence them, hopefully for the better. And, most importantly, the joy of interacting with them and feeling like a kid again myself.

If there is anything about fatherhood you dislike about, what would it be?

The chores and the mess!

I have a personality that borders on being classified as OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). That is never a good trait to have when you have two little boys who have OCND (Obsessive Compulsory Need for Disorder).

Which, of course, leads to chores – cleaning after them, wiping after them, vacuuming after them, screaming after them, screaming AT them. This is despite having a house-cleaner who comes in twice a week!!!

If you were given the chance to be a stay-at-home-Dad would you take it?

 Yes. Indeed, I DID take 6 months off work to look after the boys when they were 5 and 3 (it was also during this time that I started my blog). They were probably the most physically and mentally demanding times of my life, and I’ve run marathons and backpacked penniless around the world in my younger days!

But it was also the most rewarding period of my life. Getting to spend time with them, to really know them and to see their personalities and idiosyncrasies develop before my very eyes – that experience was genuinely priceless.

To be honest, the bond we three boys currently enjoy was most probably forged during that 6-month sabbatical.

Best Advice you’ve ever received about Fatherhood?

 Enjoy it while you can, because there will be times when you won’t.

If you can give yourself advice before becoming a Dad, what would it be?

Don’t get too hung up over “rules” and “right ways” of parenting – it merely contributes to anxiety on both the kids and yourself. Just set broad parameters for acceptable behaviour, then it is all about setting examples by your actions. This is because children, well at least mine anyway, rarely hear but often do what they see.

 Thank you so much JD!

Do head over to his blog for more silly rhymes and musings on parenthood.

Plus of course, you’ve got to love his tweets too!


  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    Ha! Funny as ever! It’s been a while since I read his posts (I’m so out of the loop thee days) so I’m glad you featured him over here.

  2. The Jogging Dad

    Madam, thank you very much for the airtime on your great blog. I enjoyed answering your questions – they certainly made me reflect fondly on the parenthood journey to-date.

  3. Kate @ Did That Just Happen?

    Great interview! I can relate to being so tired at 9:30 that the babysitter gets stiffed!

  4. livinginthelanghe

    That’s some good advice… I think I need to check out his blog. Thanks!!

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