Coming home from the playground

Tamsin loves her playground.  The problem is, it’s always a major drama every time we have to go back home.  As soon as she comes in, she arches her back, screams and shouts “I want to go to my playground” as I battle to try to take off the layers of clothing on her.

Today was no different.  This time though, she didn’t want to take off her hat.  You know what made her stop crying?  This one:

My daughter loves photobooth and can sit in front of my mac for hours, waiting for the 1-2-3 click and have her picture taken.  This time though she kept the tears on and the whinges,while having her picture taken.  After awhile, she started laughing.

How’s your weekend going so far?  Ours is still cold (though the temperature has risen up a bit) and grey.  As I type this,  the football is on in the background.  Yes folks, it’s FA cup season again and you know you’re married to an Englishman when instead of music in the background or even Cbeebies, you have THAT on.

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  1. Pecora Nera

    Where do children learn to arch their back like that???? Do they meet in a playground and say ” I have found a way of making it difficult for my mum to change my shoes / nappy. All you have to do is arch your back like this and cry”

    • Oh you should see her when it’s time to go home and I’m having to drag her away from the playground. She contorts her back and I’m thinking “Oww, if I did that, you’d have to call the ambulance!” I’m wondering now if I should let her go on training for gymnastics so she could win a medal for the Philippines. You Brits have way too much medals already =)

      • Pecora Nera

        When my oldest was 3 years old. She used to throw a star.

        Basically she would throw herself on the floor face down, and then spread her arms and legs out in different directions. While sobbing and howling.

        She didn’t mind if it was in a supermarket or the reception in a hotel. I am glad to say she grew out of it really quickly..

        • Thanks! Your comment has given me hope now… You actually mean they out grow it? I thought it lasted till they were about 18! =p

          • Pecora Nera

            I didn’t say when she out grew it, 🙂

            Savour them while they are young, they grow too quickly.

            Oooh Quote from my mum ” Children don’t change as they get older, their fingerprints just get higher up the door” I don’t know why that jumped into my head.

          • Oh dear, I knew your comment was too good to be true. Haha. Thanks! Yes, I’m actually loving every minute of it – even though it gets tough sometimes.

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