Eating Shirt

What on earth is an “eating shirt”?

I got this concept from a close friend back home.  Let’s call her D (yes, another D).  D loves to eat but doesn’t like it when the smell of a restaurant sticks on her top, even if it’s a whiff of her favourite place or food.  So every time we would go out for a bite to eat, she’d go to the rest-room and change into what she calls her “eating shirt”.  Before leaving, she’d change back into the top she wore when we first arrived.

Now that I’m a mother, I decided to do that too, have an “eating shirt”, not for me, but for Tamsin, my daughter.  My 20-month old daughter has always hated bibs.  She feels constricted with them.  A bib never lasts long on my daughter.  So I’ve given up trying and resorted to “eating shirts” instead and it works perfectly fine.  Tamsin can happily eat her dinner, wear her dinner, even pat it on her face or hair, without me worrying about stains on her brand new shirt.  Today at lunch time, Tamsin was feeding herself, while I was chatting on skype with a client in the States – worry free.  After her meal, I just took off her “eating shirt”, dashed to the bathroom to sponge tomato sauce off her face, hair, arms and hands, before putting her down for a nap.

If your daughter is like mine who hates bibs, try allocating one of your kiddie’s old shirts and use it as an “eating shirt”.  You won’t have to worry now about stains on your children’s tops =)

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